We strongly believe that every business needs a profitable and meaningful online automated sales funnel that uses a Lead Magnet to attract new leads. A specific lead magnet that attracts your ideal client and filters out the rest.

If you’re like most business owners, you should already be attracting new clients. You should be networking or getting referrals from existing clients. Even though this is an important part of your business growth and helps to build trust and authority within your chosen field of expertise, it also comes with its own set of risks. If you were to stop networking or stop getting new client referrals, your business is going to be seriously impacted.

Lead Magnet
That’s why every business needs to be attracting new sales leads with a Lead Magnet. The most efficient and effective way of doing this in today’s noisy online world, is to have a lead magnet working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Allowing you to shift the balance away from these old limiting risks and towards an asset that helps generate a consistent, predictable and profitable revenue flow.

Every Business Needs A Lead Magnet

There’s a lot of marketing noise out there in the digital marketing world and it’s only going to get noisier and noisier. Which means it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out and get noticed. Trust is a hard thing to earn online these days. We live in an understandably untrusting world full of companies trying to spam us.
Your sales leads have been burnt far too many times, and the net result is that they’re not prepared to part with their contact details anymore. And with the onset of new laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) it’s only going to get harder.
Lead Magnet

Bottom line, if you are going to ask for a potential sales leads email, then you had better deliver exactly what they are searching for. And the great news is, the growth funnel journey is fully compliant with these data protection laws. It delivers very specific content that your ideal clients are searching for and are interested in.

Your sales leads are exposed to a huge amount of generalised marketing and advertising messages on a daily basis. Let’s face it, it’s annoying them.

Lead Magnet

Social media advertising dominates nearly every piece of content, email spam is out of control and page 1 of Google is full of advertisers. As a business owner, we now have more channels to get our messaging in front of potential sales leads, than ever before.

But that also means without a lead magnet, it’s going to get harder to compete and stand out amongst all that noise.


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Over the years our brains have adapted to all of this marketing noise and knows how to naturally filter the majority of it out. Simplify put, we have become deletion creatures. Our brains run a deletion programme based on logic. The information that’s not at front of mind or relevant to our current situation is deleted. The information that is really important to us, is always let through. So here’s the thing…
Lead Magnet
Your sales leads have this deletion programme running 24/7 so they’re deleting all of your marketing information that’s not relevant or specifically important to them. Which means your first step to building a profitable and meaningful online automated sales funnel that generates consistent sales leads, is going to be specific information that gets noticed. Your lead magnet needs to grab their attention and get past their deletion program.
Lead Magnet

But once you make it past their deletion program, it’s still not over. You now have to slowly start selling and building trust, authority and a relationship. This is why digital marketing doesn’t work anymore. In the early days, once you made it past the deletion program your sales leads would assume you were the best choice and they would purchase your solution.

Now they have endless choice. Which means as soon as you manage to capture their attention, you need to start the selling process. Otherwise they will not see you as a business who is offering the specific solution they are searching for.

That’s why you need a digital sales and marketing system that uses a lead magnet.

A lead magnet that bypasses their deletion program and starts the selling process. Without them feeling sold to and without you coming across as sleazy.

Your Lead Magnet needs a specific digital hack that acts as a VIP pass that bypasses their deletion program.

Luckily, your sales leads deletion program doesn’t always do a great job. It understands what specific subject they are focused on and stops everything else that’s not related. But on the other hand, it let’s in everything and anything that is related to that subject through.

It categorises everything together under the one subject and lets it through.

Just think about buying a car for example, you might think, I like the colour mat black.  That’s because you don’t actually see that many mat black cars around.

Then all of a sudden you start noticing mat black cars everywhere. To the point where you think someone’s playing a trick on you! And that’s the perfect example of your brain no longer filtering out mat black cars and instead, letting them flow into your general thoughts.

This is what we do with your Lead Magnet. We make sure its content delivers the solution to the one thing that your ideal clients are currently focused on. The one thing that is at the forefront of their mind. The specific problem that they need solved. We call this problem – Point A.

Then we call the solution – Point B. We simply provide the map that has the logical path to get them from Point A to Point B, within an acceptable time frame and within an agreed budget.

Lead Magnet

By simply connecting your lead magnet to their current pain state – Point A, it will easily get past their deletion program. Your lead magnet becomes your VIP pass. And once your sales leads are inside your sales funnel, you use emotional selling triggers to influence their buying behaviours.

That’s the reason why you need to have a clear and specific target profile of your ideal client. You need to know what their Point A and Point B is. Once you know what their problem is – Point A – their brain will let it in and they will notice it.

This means your specific lead magnet, social media advertising, emails, blog posts and videos will all get noticed. You know their brain will see them all as something of relevance, and simply categories it under ‘relevant’ and let it all through.

Although, if it’s not specific enough or easily related to their problem that’s at front of mind, their brain will simply delete your lead magnet and it will never be seen.

Which means your sales leads will move onto your competitors who are offering a solution to their pain.

The first step to building a winning lead generation campaign that actually generates new business is to craft a clear and specific target profile of the ideal client you want to attract. Then create a specific lead magnet that resonates with the main problem they are currently focused on. And provide specific content that guides them towards the solution they are trying to achieve.

If you don’t do that, your lead magnet message is going to be ignored. Which means you will never get their email and be able to convert them into ideal buying clients.

A common reaction we get when asking our clients to be very specific and narrow their Lead Magnet to just one very specific problem and one specific ideal client persona, is they say it won’t work. They intuitively think it will cause them to lose business.

But it’s actually the exact opposite because when you connect with the one pain state that’s at the front of their mind, you get noticed. When you have a clear, specific and narrow profile of your perfect prospect, you get noticed.

Lead Magnet

Your sales leads will think you are talking directly to them. When your lead magnet message resonates with their pain state, everything changes. Your messaging gets through their deletion program and you earn the right to prove you have the solution they need. We are not talking about changing the focus of your entire marketing strategy. We are just talking about focusing your lead generation campaign on one specific ideal client profile and one specific problem.

Which means it’s time to think about your current digital marketing strategy and how you would rate your current lead magnet.

Your Lead Magnet:

Is it specific enough? Is it focused on one specific ideal client profile? Does it resonate with one specific problem?

The one specific problem that they have – Point A and one specific solution they are searching for – Point B.

Is your lead magnet capturing your ideal clients attention?

Is your lead magnet bypassed their deletion program?

Is your lead magnet content providing the logical path that will step them towards purchasing your product or service?

Let Us Build Your Lead Magnet:

These are just a few of the questions we solve for you. The Growth Funnel Journey builds a digital marketing system for your company that does a lot more than what we briefly covered within this post. If you want to increase the return on your marketing budget, we strongly encourage you download our free eBook guide or pick up the phone and talk to us.

This is a complete done for you lead magnet and sales funnel system. Our team will set it all up for you, on your behalf, so you don’t have to think about anything technical or any software.

All you need to do is answer some questions about your company and your product or service.

When you have that level of accountability, you know your content will attract new sales leads and you know you will be able to convert them into profitable sales.

If you decide to book our audit and mapping session call, we will have a look at your company and your product or service to see if it’s going to work.

If it’s not going to work then we say goodbye and you walk away with more knowledge.

If it is a perfect fit, then we provide you with your own sales funnel proposal at the end of the call, which means you can either use this proposal as a guide to know what questions to ask other agencies or you can use it in your next marketing meeting to allocate budgets or resources.

So click below, let’s roll up our sleeves and just get this done…

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