Element 3 of the growth funnel Journey has 3 unique steps. These steps drive optimal visibility and demand through all your digital channels in order to maximise your revenue and profits from your Digital Marketing Strategy.

We start with Step 1 which allows us to monitor your content and make any necessary changes that will help it perform at its optimal conversion rates.

We use your Google analytics to measure the traffic your content is creating. If the numbers show that your content is attracting new sales leads and converting them into sales leads, we can move onto Step 2.

This is where we implement additional transformation techniques to help generate a consistent, predictable and highly qualified flow of new sales leads that can easily be converted into profitable sales.

Your Lead Magnet Content Influences Your Digital Sales and Marketing

And Step 3 is reserved for companies who are interested in taking their online digital marketing strategy to a whole new level with specific value added services that provide a much higher return on your marketing investment.

Step 1 is all about measuring the content that was created within Element 1 and 2. It’s important to making sure your Trojan Horse Lead Magnet is attracting your ideal sales leads. It’s also necessary to make changes to your Evergreen Lead Magnet Customer Journey so that it also continues to build trust, authority and develop relationships.

conversion focal points

To do this efficiently, we have created a specific set of 12 conversion focal points that make sure your product or service is successful at generating profitable sales.

You can’t know whether or not your if sales funnel is going to be successful, unless your success can be defined, tracked and measured.

These 12 conversion focal points provide a set of defined metrics for your sales funnels success, making it easier to adjust your progress and produce a return on your marketing investment.

Your Lead Magnet Content Comes From Your Section and Topic Questionnaire

With these 12 clear objectives, you eliminate any guesswork and create a winning sales funnel process.

These 3 steps work together to automate and perpetuate your sales process and transform your digital marketing into a Digital Sales and Marketing system. They help to automate the conversion of cold sales leads into warm sales leads and then warm sales leads into into Ideal buying Clients, generating predictable monthly revenue for your online digital business.

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This is where you build the foundation that gets your content in front of your audience. Meaning you fill your sales funnel with ideal clients who are searching for the one solution that’s going to help them achieve their end desired result.

These sales leads will be interested in what your one thing product or service can deliver, therefore you will have a much higher chance of converting them into ideal buying clients once you prove to them that you have what they are searching for.

Once your sales leads start consuming your information, it will help you validate that your product or service content is in demand.

marketing demand

As soon as you have the proof that your content is converting your interested email subscribers into warm sales leads, you are ready to move onto step 2 and feel confident that you will gain a profitable return on your marketing investment.

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