In Step 2, we focus on Transformation by Converting your Sales Leads into Paying Clients. This is where you start to convert your warm sales leads away from consuming your free content and over to purchasing your product or service so they become your Ideal Clients.

It’s time to get your warm sales leads implementing your product or service strategies. As soon as your sales leads convert over to Ideal Clients, you become the go to authority within your chosen field of expertise.

transform the balance away

A s you begin to build trust, authority, and develop long term relationships, you slowly start to transform the balance away from the old limiting ‘trading your time for money’ model.

This is where you talking to just 1 client at a time, and transform over to a new leveraged 1 to many model, where you talk to 100’s of clients in the same time it would take to talk to just 1 client, therefore converting your Sales Leads into profitable revenue growth.

Converting your Sales Leads with your Digital Sales and Marketing

And if your product or service has successfully resonated with your sales leads and connected to their pain state of the solution they are searching for, then you have created the perfect synchronicity, of the Right Content, at the Right Time, delivered to the Right Person.

connected to their pain state

Which means converting your Sales Leads and selling your product or services in step 2 becomes significantly easier. Now that you have a growing community full of warm sales leads who are all consuming your content, all you need to do is provide them with their next logical step to achieving the end desired result they are searching for.

transforming into Ideal Buying Clients

As they start to take their next logical steps, they start transforming into Ideal Buying Clients. And once again step 2 has its own set of 8 new conversion focal points that are all connected to each other to ensure the success of your sales funnel.

Think of your sales funnel as a chain, it’s only going to be as strong as its weakest link. Which means each link of your growth funnel journey chain is a conversion focal point. And each one needs to be monitored and maintained so its performing at its maximum strength.

Your conversion focal points are directly related to your profitable sales, so the more you take control of each one, the more profitable revenue you generate on a consistent, and predictable basis.

Your Lead Magnet Content starts converting your Sales Leads

This means you don’t actually need to sell your online products or services, instead you just need to keep providing your ideal clients with their next logical steps.

with their next logical steps

Which means they decide to purchase your product or services when the time is right and they are ready. After all, if they see your product or services as their next logical step to take, and they know it’s going to work for them, then they’re going to want to purchase it.

They are all in your sales funnel and part of your community for a specific reason, they want to achieve their end desired results, so now is the perfect time to sell your product or service so they can start implementing and achieving the results they need.

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the go to authority

And don’t forget, the more sales leads you transform over to Ideal Clients, the more you become the go to authority within your chosen field of expertise and the more your warm sales leads will want to do the same.

This Evergreen Lead Magnet Customer Journey is simply the continuation of the lead magnet content and introduces your sales leads to your product or service. It’s where you start to educate your sales leads on the relevance and importance of each of the features and benefits that make up your product or service. This allows you to connect your product or service to your sales leads end desired results that they’re searching for.

Your Evergreen Lead Magnet Customer Journey plays three very serious roles that relate directly to your future online success, the first is to prove that cold sales leads are interested in your one thing product or service.

educate your sales leads

And the second is to convert your cold sales leads into warm sales leads by getting them to consume your content and resonate with your One Thing product or service.

And the third is to plant the actions that you want your sales leads to take later on within your sales funnel. For example, if you want them to attend your webinars or an event, you would start to explain the importance of them now, so by the time you invite them, they are pre-sold and wanting to attend.

filter out the time wasters

This also means, if your sales leads do not resonate with your content at this point, they will unsubscribe to stop receiving your content. This is the perfect way to filter out the time wasters who were never going to purchase from you anyway.

And this is why the Evergreen Lead Magnet Customer Journey is so powerful. The more cold sales leads you can get to consume this Lead Magnet Customer Journey content, the faster you will be able to test if your product or service is going to be successful, and the greater your chances are of converting them into ideal clients. The more ideal clients, means the more revenue you will generate.

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