Once your sales and marketing funnel starts to mature, you will see the proof that your social media posting and blogs are influencing people to click over to consume your content. Then your analytics will show that your Google, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook advertising is also driving traffic to your opt-in page. Then your email autoresponder will show you how many new email subscribers you are generating. Then the analytics within your evergreen customer journey will show you how many email subscribers are being converted into highly qualified sales leads. And lastly, your 1 to 1 calls and live webinars will show you how many new sales leads you are generating that can be converted into ideal buying clients.

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Step 3 is then reserved for business owners who are interested in taking their online Social Media Posting and Blogs strategy to a whole new level with additional value added services that provide a much higher return on their marketing investment.

There are no shortcuts when it come to the Growth Funnel Journey and that’s why it works, that’s why we offer a choice of value added services within element 3. Once your analytics prove that your business is ready, then it’s time to take full advantage of these value added services.

Your analytics will tell you when your new digital sales and marketing strategy is ready for these next logical steps and that’s why we give you the options to pick and choose which ones you want to apply to start generating more profitable sales.

Converting your Sales Leads with your Social Media Posting and Blogs

These options are all about creating more live conversations with your community. It’s a simple function of scale and volume. The more sales leads you generate, the more people you have conversations with, the more conversations you have with more sales leads, means more market penetration, more opportunities to sell and more referrals from your brand ambassadors.

sales leads

And these are all the things that give your Social Media Posting and Blogs more impact in this world.

There are no shortcuts when it come to the Growth Funnel Journey and that’s why it works, that’s why we offer a choice of value added services within element 3, once your business is ready to take full advantage of them.

These 3 steps will automate and perpetuate your sales process and transform your digital marketing into a Digital Sales and Marketing system, that automates the conversion of the traffic that lands on your website into interested email subscribers, then into highly qualified sales leads who can then be influenced to get onto a call with you of a live webinar so that you can convert them into ideal buying clients.


Thus generating a predictable monthly revenue for your online digital business. We focus on increasing the conversations you have with your community so you create an environment of dialogue, rather than just monologue.

And when I say conversations, I’m talking about giving your sales leads and ideal clients more of your experience, knowledge and personal time. This can be achieved by offering premium services like webinars, events or seminars that can fast track their end desired results.

Step 3 has another set of 8 conversion focal points to make sure you can continue to track and analyse your results and make any changes to increase your conversion percentages and make a higher return on your marketing budget investment.

Step 3 gives you the choice to expand and dominate your chosen field of expertise.

Your Lead Magnet and Social Media Posting and Blogs start converting your Sales Leads into Interested Email Subscribers

Which means other businesses who compliment your field of expertise will want to join you, new ventures will start to develop and your business will start to expand even more.

Social Media Posting and Blogs business will start to expand

And in step 3 you can afford to invest in industry standard software to measure, convert and control it all, via all of your 28 conversion focal points.

Your community will be established and growing at a healthy rate, which means you will need to integrate your community into everything you do within your sales funnel strategy.

Think about every community you’ve been a part of, from your group of friends to professional networking groups, to your neighborhood. Communities create loyalty based on common interests, personal passions, or even just familiar locations. Similarly, forming a community around your business is just as important as these social bonds. People are attracted to what you’re offering and people buy from people.

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trust and authority Social Media Posting and Blogs

Your community will help you to establish trust and authority and improve customer loyalty. It will allow you to add value to your customer experience and improve customer service while creating brand ambassadors who rave about your product or service.

Building a community also organically increases word of mouth business. These communities can also provide you with brand ambassadors who provide you with valuable feedback about your products, services, and your business.

Whether it’s an event, seminar, webinar, or a LinkedIn Group or Private Facebook Group, when you give your community an easy place to come together and share, you’re building that loyal base of fans.

All in all, a large community opens doors. Marketing becomes much easier because your community spreads the word for you. Partnerships are easier to secure. JV partnerships get easier to find. You’re not just collecting followers on Instagram and Facebook… you’re teaming up with brand ambassadors who are personally invested in seeing you grow.

The more you refine your product or service messaging, the higher your Social Media Posting and Blogs conversion become and the more you filter out the time wasters. You need to know exactly who your Ideal Client is, so you can highlight the key emotional selling triggers that makes up your ideal clients buying journey.

filter out the time wasters

That way you will attract similar sales leads into your sales funnel and make more sales. If you can describe your ideal clients pain state better than they can, then they will automatically and unconsciously credit you with knowing the solution. Your ad copy, emails and other marketing will virtually ‘write itself’ as you use the language of your ideal client.

Before you even think about creating content or building a sales funnel, you need to start with researching, and refining your product or service to narrow it down to just one thing.

target audience Social Media Posting and Blogs

The more focused and specific you are with your product or service messaging, the more ideal clients you will attract. You must know your key target market and understand your key target audience. Your ideal client is the exact person you want to attract into your sales funnel.

And that’s because they are someone who finds the perfect solution to their problems or needs in your product or service.

Your Ideal Client will be loyal to your company, frequently use or buy your products or services, and will be more likely to recommend you to their friends and colleagues. Which means it’s critical to be specific and know exactly who they are.

When you know exactly who you want to attract, you can refine your product or service into a single focused message that allows you to stand out amongst all this digital marketing noise and get your product or service noticed by your Ideal Client, so you can make more profitable sales.

Click through to our other blogs or click through to our free eBook guide and mini video series to continue your learning experience. And don’t forget that we do all of this for you – so as soon as you are satisfied that this system will work for your product or service – book in your Audit and Mapping Call – so we can get started. You only need 3 Elements to create a marketing strategy that will dominate your chosen field of expertise. That is Element 1 = Social Media Marketing – Element 2 = Lead Magnet and Element 3 = Sales and Marketing Funnel. Talk soon.

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