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When it comes to using your content to attract your ideal clients and converting them into ideal buying clients, you need to make sure your social platforms are optimised. This means you need everything set up and ready. You need to be prepared for a consistent delivery of SEO optimised social posts and blogs, so you can launch faster.

It is important that you have all of your social media platforms optimised with the same keywording, images and product or service messaging. Your social platforms are used to attract your ideal clients into your business and then depending on which one they hang out on the most, that is where they will see the consistency with your posting and blogging.

This means if they happen to find you on LinkedIn and then go and check out your Facebook business page, they will see the same product or service messaging and instantly recognise you as being an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

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You will be using your social platforms to increase your awareness, and get your ideal clients clicking over to your website. This means you want their first impression of you to be a positive one and that can easily be achieved through consistent posting.

Each post will have a call to action to get your ideal client clicking over to your blog to learn more about you and your product or service.

This is why we use the ‘Web Page SEO Templates’ so that your homepage, product or service pages and blog pages are fully optimised and set up correctly. The objective of these pages are to get your ideal client purchasing your product or service.

If they are not ready to make a purchasing decision straight away, then you want these pages to convince them to continue consuming your content so that you can help influence their purchasing decision.

The easiest way to do this is to get them downloading your eBook lead magnet so you can connect your product or service to the solution they are searching for.

When you start attracting more search traffic to your website it is important that you have your Google Analytics set up correctly, so you can fire your tracking pixels, analytic codes and cookies each time a new ideal client lands on your pages. This means when your ideal clients land on your website, you can start advertising to them at a later stage. This helps to decrease your advertising costs and increase your conversions.

When your ideal clients land on your website, you can start advertising to them

As your ideal clients start to see your content more and more on social platforms and when searching on Google, they will become familiar with your branding and messaging. Which means they will be more likely to notice your advertising and click through to learn more.

Social Platforms Optimised

This overall branding and messaging consistency helps to convert cold traffic into ideal buying clients.

It is critical that you are attracting your ideal clients into your business because they will be the people who are more likely to purchase your product or service. Therefore it is very important you fully understand exactly who your ideal clients are. That way when they interact with your social posts, read your blogs or download your eBooks to learn more about your product or service, your conversions will be higher. It also helps to have your ideal clients landing on your website pages because you can create more accurate retargeting audiences and lookalike audiences who are more likely to purchase from you.

The challenge for many business owners is that they have a great product or service to offer, yet their ideal clients never find them online! Leaving them constantly chasing for new clients, frustrated that the phone’s not ringing enough, and confused as to why there are no online queries.

Over the years we’ve helped a lot of business owners use content to execute their digital marketing strategies. And there’s been one thing that’s resonated across all of them – one thing that’s caused all the delays – one thing that’s slowed down the conversion from cold traffic into sales – and that’s – Getting a business owner to create Content…

That’s always been their Achilles’ heel…

Social Platforms Optimised

And I get it – as a business owner you simply don’t have the spare time to create enough content on a consistent basis – we all start out with the best intentions but it’s inevitable, we run out of time and get distracted.

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As a business owner you cant afford to learn all the different moving parts that make up a SEO content funnel…because it will lead to delays and eventually failure. And when I say this to every business owner, they all agree!

Social Platforms Optimised

If it’s left up to them to create all the content and then build the framework, it’s going to fail and even if they try to pay professional copywriters, bloggers and editors to create their content – they don’t like the end result because it’s not in their own voice and it doesn’t represent what they really want…

As a business owner – you just want someone to create the right quality of content, implement it and deliver back results.

Your job is to take the sales leads that gets generated from the content funnel and convert them into ideal buying clients.

So…that is why I have created a system that creates enough content to generate a consistent, predictable flow of highly qualified sales leads who can be converted into ideal buying clients…

You no longer need to use expensive copywriters, bloggers or editors!

Social Platforms Optimised

And the only way to make this possible, is to MAP out your Product or Service, then interview you and use your answers to create everything that is required. With our unique ‘SEO content creation MAP’ we plan out the logical steps your ideal client will take as they make their purchasing decision.

Then we use our ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’ to ask you specific questions based on this MAP.

You then pass your answers over to our ‘Done For You Content Creation Framework’ team who create all of the SEO optimised content that you will require. They hand it back to you within the ‘Master Content SEO Document’.

This document provides you with all of your Social Media Posts, Blogs, eBook lead magnet, webinars, workshops, web page templates, email campaigns and advertising. All of which are fully optimised with your search keywords and focused on the solution your ideal clients are looking for, so you can start attracting more ideal clients into your business.

Your social media posts attract your ideal clients over to your blogs. Your blogs promote your eBook Lead Magnet. Your lead magnet converts cold traffic into interested email subscribers. Once you have your ideal clients email, you can start building trust, strengthening relationships and proving that you are an authority with your chosen field of expertise.

Before you start using your social media posts to connect with your ideal clients, you will need to make sure your Website and Social Media Platforms are all set up and fully optimised.

When your social platforms are optimised they attract your ideal clients over to your blogs

You need to build a solid social foundation across all of the core social platforms where your clients are hangout out. The core platforms are typically SEO Google search ranking, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook have the ability to create community groups which are necessary when growing your own community.

Social Platforms Optimised

These platforms are useful for generating both organic and paid traffic. This is why you need to make sure all of your platforms have the same branding and messaging. No matter what platform your ideal clients land on, you want them to get the exact same messaging that incentivises them to click through to your blogs and join your community.

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, because it helps your content reach millions of customers worldwide.

Having multiple social media platforms for your branding will benefit your business and with regular use, it can also produce a wide audience for your business in no time.

Social Media optimisation helps you to increase your reach, drive more traffic to your blogs, improve search engine ranking position, and ensures you have a strong online presence.

Social Platforms Optimised

Once your social media platforms are all set up and ready to deliver a consistent branding message, you need to make sure your website is optimised with your keywords and has all of your tracking codes installed.

Your website is a very powerful SEO tool and plays a significant role within the success of your content marketing strategy.

Which means you need to make sure you have fully optimised your Homepage, Product or Service pages and Blog pages with your keywords so they start appearing in your ideal clients search results.

Then we help you setup all of your analytics via Google Tag Manager. This is a very simple Google tool that allows us to add some code to your website which acts very similar to a suitcase. Then we can simply add in all of the remaining codes into your Tag Manager (suitcase) without having to interfere with your website.

We make sure your social platforms are optimised

This is where we add in your Google Analytics code, your Facebook Pixel, your LinkedIn Insight Tag, Google Adwords, your email autoresponder tracking codes and any other tracking software that is required.

Social Platforms Optimised

We do this to make sure all of your website traffic and pages can be measured so you always know exactly what is going on within your marketing activities.

It also allows us to build lookalike audiences and retargeting audiences across LinkedIn and Facebook which will significantly decrease your advertising costs when it’s time to do your advertising.

Once these steps are complete, you are now ready to move onto your content creation with the confidence that everything is in place and you are ready for launch.

Before moving onto your content creation, you need to know exactly who your Ideal Client is and what problem or pain they are currently experiencing. Your ideal client is someone who finds the perfect solution to their problems or pain in your product or service. Your Ideal Client will be loyal to your company, frequently use or buy your products or services, and more likely become a brand ambassador who will recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Which means it’s critical to be specific and know exactly who they are. Sales is a numbers game and a conversion game, which means you need to increase the number of ideal clients being attracted into your company and focus on the activities that will convert them into ideal buying clients.

When your social platforms are optimised, you get found by your ideal clients and make more sales, download your free guide to learn more:

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