Step 1 is all about Growth: This is Part 8 of 9

We create content that integrates into a LinkedIn Strategy that keeps your ideal clients on the LinkedIn platform. When your ideal clients are on LinkedIn, the last thing they want is to be sent immediately off the platform and away to some other strange website. This is why you want to keep them on the platform and the LinkedIn algorithms will love you for doing this, because obviously LinkedIn want their members to remain on the platform for as long as possible. Which means they will be more likely to promote your blog to more people within the platform.

When they reach your company page, your ideal client can learn more about your company which helps to strengthen the relationship, build trust and show that you are an authority within your industry. We show you how to use your company page to promote your products or services through what LinkedIn call Showcase Pages. These pages are specially designed to promote your products and services, which means you can further your ideal clients education while keeping them on the LinkedIn platform.

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LinkedIn Strategy LinkedIn platform

Your Showcase page will be where you promote the features and benefits of the product or services you offer. This is where you offer your ideal clients the opportunity to download your lead magnet.

If your content has resonated with your ideal clients, then it will be their decision to click away and land on your website.

Once they land on your website they will instantly recognise your branding and messaging which will work in your favour as well. This consistency with branding helps increase your conversions and more ideal clients will sign up for your Lead Magnet.

This means you are now running a 2 x Blog Strategy to attract as many new clients into your business and increase the chances of converting more ideal buying clients.

This LinkedIn strategy delivers consistency with your content and remaining on the LinkedIn platform helps increase your conversions

When it comes to your Social Media Posting, once again it’s all about getting in front of your ideal clients and making sure they see your posts and click through to your Blogs. There is an endless selection of free or low cost software providers who make your social media scheduling and posting manageable.

LinkedIn Strategy LinkedIn platform

We design and create your social media posts so they are ready for bulk scheduling and multiple posting across all of your social platforms. These software providers all offer analytics so you can keep track of your posts, measure your open rates, clicks and when is the best time to post. Your audience will come to expect posts at a specific time, and your post scheduler makes it more likely that you can make that happen.

Growing awareness of your blogs can only really be proven if you’re measuring what matters. Many platforms will provide engagement statistics – Facebook Page Insights will show the likes and shares your content enjoys, for example. In addition, though, consider using tracking links in your posts and blogs, using a URL shortener such as which will then show you the number of click-throughs on those links. Take a look at your web analytics, too, to see which platforms and other sites provide the most referral traffic. Using these insights, you can learn what works and what doesn’t, and respond with appropriate action to continually optimise your approach.

Posting each day allows you to increase your chances of being seen by new ideal clients and that’s what it’s all about. Everyone’s news feed on Facebook and LinkedIn is full of posts from different businesses and connections.

LinkedIn Strategy LinkedIn platform

The chances of getting your post seen is always going to be tricky in this busy online world. There’s no hard and fast rule for how often you should publish new posts.

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However, in general, your rate of posting will determine how fast you can build your community. Consistency is vital to attracting new clients and creating a schedule is in your best interest, especially when you are scheduling weeks ahead of time.

LinkedIn Strategy LinkedIn platform

We advise you to post a new blog every 2 weeks, which gives you an average of 14 days of posting. We provide you with 20 social posts per blog, which means you need to be posting every day. This gives your ideal clients enough time to see your posts and decide which one they want to click on.

The important thing to take into account is that your ideal clients will not see every single post, therefore you need to remain consistent. Even if you do manage to capture your ideal clients attention there is no guarantee that they will click through to your blog. So you need to continue with your posting until you eventually capture their attention on the right day at the right time and they do click through to your blog.

You will need to monitor your posting analytics to see what days and what times you are getting the most clicks and then start to focus more on those days and times.

This LinkedIn strategy monitors your posting analytics until you find the right time and day to post within the LinkedIn platform

LinkedIn Strategy LinkedIn platform

When it comes to your posting you simply compliment your blog strategy. Which means you implement one posting strategy for your blogs on your website and another for your articles in your LinkedIn profile.

Your website strategy is simple, you will post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it all depends on where you audience is hanging out on. Every post will have an Image, Heading and a short description of the blog it is promoting and obviously it will contain the link to click directly over to the blog.

Your LinkedIn strategy will use the exact same posts but they will contain a link to your Article that is in your personal profile to make sure you keep them on the LinkedIn platform.

This means that all of your social platforms are promoting your blogs, your blogs are promoting your lead magnet and your lead magnet is promoting your products or services. Therefore building your email list, your community and generating highly qualified sales leads for your business.

Find out what platform your audience is hanging out on

When it comes to attracting your ideal clients into your business it’s all about reach and engagement. Your reach is measured by the number of people who received impressions of a social media post.

You can have organic reach which means the number of unique people who saw a piece of your content for free, or without any advertising money having to be spent. Then you have paid reach which is the number of people who see your post as a result of a promotion. Paid reach is influenced by your ad spend, so the more you spend the more people will see that content or ad. And the hardest one to achieve is viral reach which is when your ideal clients like, react, comment, or share that piece of content. This can be a result of organic posting and/or paid posting.

LinkedIn Strategy LinkedIn platform

When it comes to your engagement and engagement rate, this is when your ideal clients perform actions on your content. They may like a post, click on a link or comment on an image. Engagement can be defined by the number of clicks, likes, shares and comments on a post.

Past post engagement plays a huge role in determining who is going to see your posts. Engagement is a major factor when it comes to the social platforms algorithms that determine who gets to see your posts, or in other words what your reach is going to be.

LinkedIn Strategy LinkedIn platform

These algorithms are meant to enhance the user’s experience so it takes into consideration if a user has engaged with your posts before when determining who to show your post to. This is why engaging content should be the overall goal for your posts.

The more your content is liked, replied to or shared, the more unique users you will be able to reach!

The relationship between engagement and reach is therefore co-dependent. You need reach to build engagement, and high engagement to keep increasing your reach. This means you need to focus on creating high quality content designed to engage with your ideal clients while at the same time thinking of new ways to attract new followers to increase your reach and build a community.

The easiest way to do this is by joining groups. These are places where all of your ideal clients are hanging out in. Both Facebook and Linkedin have groups and they are very easy to join. Once inside these groups you can introduce yourself and what you do, then you can interact and help others. The great thing about groups is they offer huge reach and engagement. When you send a post into a group, everyone gets it which means you get a huge response. You are not allowed to sell in groups but if someone clicks over to your private profile they will see what you do and enter into your sales funnel.

Your LinkedIn strategy establishes a relationship between engagement and reach and your LinkedIn platform analytics will highlight this codependency

Sharing your blog content on social media is an art. There is no right way to do it. People have success sharing blog content in their own unique ways.

Some will share only their blog links on social media. Others will share a high percentage of unique content on social media.

LinkedIn Strategy LinkedIn platform

As is with most things in life, sometimes the best approach is somewhere in the middle. If you follow the strategies we use, you will be able to build sustainable traffic from social media to your blogs and over time you’ll learn how to adapt these strategies to fit your own unique blog and business.

The main objective is to use your website and social platforms to attract your ideal clients over to your website. As soon as they land on your website your pixels and tracking codes will fire and you will be able to monitor where your traffic has come from and what they are doing on your website.

Also, you will be able to build lookalike audiences to attract even more people over to your blogs and lead magnets. And if your ideal clients don’t become interested emails subscribers straight away it won’t matter because you can follow them with retargeting adverts to keep reminding them to come back and visit your blogs.

This is the most efficient strategy to use if you want your ideal clients to find you, consume your content to build trust, relationships and authority.

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