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Repurposing blogs into social media content has plenty of benefits you should be aware of. The first is that it can make your blog and your social media feel more seamless, like puzzle pieces coming together to form a whole picture. This gives your marketing a more cohesive, consistent voice, which can always work to your advantage.

Each social media post is used to highlight an important sentence or a few sentences from each paragraph of your blog. This makes it very easy to create a minimum of 20 social posts. Every post will have a unique link to the relevant blog and will be posted at different times and different days over the week. Your analytics will start to show which posts were the most popular and then you simply look at the time and day. Then you can start to post more often around the similar time to see if your ideal clients are starting to click more on your posts.

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Once you start uploading your blogs on a consistent basis and post them across all of your social media platforms you will begin to create a positive user experience. You will be working with the algorithms instead of fighting against them.

In the beginning the algorithms will put your posts in a pool as small as one percent of your followers. But as soon as your ideal clients start to engage with your content, then your posts start to get introduced into a larger pool. Slowly but surely, more and more people see it, but only if it’s engaging.

Whilst your ideal clients are spending more time online than ever, there’s also an overwhelming amount of content. Brands are having to compete for attention and find ways to stand out amongst the noise. This is made harder by social media sites algorithms which filter out non relevant content. Your ideal clients expect highly targeted personalised and authentic content. Which is why we create your content based on the ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ system that follows your ideal clients purchasing decision journey. That way all of your content is relevant to them which means they are more likely to engage and create bonds.

Encouraging people to share, is a great way to build communities and increase engagement. It also organically expands the reach of your brand as your audience starts sharing your posts with their own networks.

Repurposing blogs into social media content helps to increase engagement

The main reason why we suggest 22 x blogs is to create a consistency of delivery throughout the year. 22 blogs means you have a year’s worth of scheduled blogs if you deliver one blog every 2.5 weeks.

Repurposing Your Blogs Into Social Media Content

This gives you enough time to create a social media scheduling routine that can be spread across all of your social platforms.

This is why we teach you how to apply the two different posting strategies across your website and LinkedIn. Your website will use SEO keyword techniques to rank organically on Google to reach more people and your LinkedIn blog will naturally rank for free because you will be posting it to all of your connections and into specific LinkedIn groups.

Then when you include advertising it becomes so much easier to drive laser focused traffic to your blogs. Google Adwords allows you to attract ideal clients who are searching for a solution that you provide. Facebook ads allow you to get in front of millions of laser focused audiences to drive traffic to your blogs and LinkedIn advertising allows you to drive your exact ideal client to your blogs.

So when you combine all of these strategies together you will create a huge amount of awareness which in turn will drive a huge volume of traffic to your different blogs.

Repurposing Your Blogs Into Social Media Content

This means you significantly increase the chances of converting your website traffic into interested email subscribers, build a community and generate a steady flow of highly qualified sales leads who can be converted into ideal buying clients.

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A strong online presence is what sells and keeps you relevant in today’s world. With social media, your company, no matter how small, is planted out there right next to your biggest competitors and in front of the eyes of your ever-scrolling ideal clients.

Repurposing Your Blogs Into Social Media Content

As you look at your analytics you can decide which platforms are best for your business, keep in mind that you can’t ignore the biggest platforms out there: Facebook and LinkedIn. These are the most used platforms and will give you the best chance of attracting your ideal clients.

Depending on your time, budget, and brand, first determine how often you want to post. Some companies post 4 times a day every day, while others chose the more popular and much more manageable, three to seven times a week.

Regardless if you post twice or twenty times a week, be consistent with your method. Consistency is a recurring theme you’ll see as you learn how to use social media. Even out how often and when you post so that you’re not overwhelming your followers with multiple posts in one day, and then crickets for a week. You want to pop up on their newsfeed as often as possible, so even if you can only post twice a week, make sure it’s spaced out (i.e post on Tuesdays and Thursday, or Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.)

Turning your blogs into social media posts gives you the best chance of attracting your ideal clients

Repurposing Your Blogs Into Social Media Content

By following these steps, you can easily attract your customers and maximise your search engine presence, amplify your brand image across many channels and uphold your authority. All engagement is important and furthers your social goals of attracting new ideal clients.

Each type of engagement represents an important action that someone took the time to do, and that means your SEO content marketing strategy is working. As soon as you start your new customer purchasing decision journey sales funnel strategy, you will be posting high quality content that will get amplification engagement and attract your ideal clients into your business. Then you simply need to engage and convert them into ideal buying clients.

This content funnel strategy optimises your social media accounts, configures your website so it’s ready to track and retarget all of your traffic. It helps you define your ideal client persona so that you only attract the clients you want. It helps you plan out your customer purchasing decision journey through a unique mapping system, then you go through the interview questionnaire and end up with a years worth of engaging social media posts, blog posts, press releases, eBooks, webinars, workshops, online courses, and email campaigns.

Turning your blogs into social media posts will amplify engagement and attract your ideal clients into your business

Then you use your content across all of your social media platforms to attract new prospects, convert them into interested email subscribers, fill your sales funnel, build a community to generate a predictable, consistent flow of highly qualified sales leads who can get on a call with you and be converted into ideal clients.

Repurposing Your Blogs Into Social Media Content

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Now that you have a consistent delivery of social media posts and blogs, you want to drive as much traffic as possible to them. The best way to do this is with advertising. When your ideal clients land on your blogs and webpages your pixels and tracking codes will fire. This is where you start creating retargeting audiences and lookalike audiences. These audiences generate lower cost clicks and attract traffic that convert much faster.

When you know your content funnel is converting your traffic into sales, it means you can afford to increase your advertising budgets and get a return on your investment.

Repurposing Your Blogs Into Social Media Content

This is a great way to generate more sales.

You need to be consistent with your content delivery to take advantage of all the opportunities it provides to connect with your audience.

Creating a few pieces of content here and there might help the odd person understand your product or service better, but it won’t help you hit all of the required touch points between your brand and your ideal client audience and it won’t help you build a meaningful relationship with them. To do that, you need to be a consistent content creator. It’s that simple.

The ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ helps break down the logic steps within your ideal clients purchasing decision journey. Which means you are not just posting any old content consistently, but content that meets your ideal clients needs in a way that it generates sales

By using the ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’ we create consistent, engaging content, that hits all the conversion touch points within your ideal clients purchasing journey, builds stronger long term connections, and positions your product or service at the top-of-mind when they think of their most trusted and liked solution.

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