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A content funnel is the name we give to the different ways we use your content to attract ideal clients and convert them into ideal buying clients. Step 1 attracts your ideal clients and Step 2 focuses on converting them into interested email subscribers and then into sales.

To do this we convert your traffic into interested email subscribers with your Lead Magnets and then use your email campaigns and advertising to strengthen your trust and relationships so you can generate a consistent, predictable and highly qualified flow of Ideal buying clients.

Your lead magnets are used as an incentive to get your ideal clients to hand over their email address. As a business owner you need to make sales to survive, which means you need to attract your ideal clients over to your lead magnets and transform them into interested email subscribers. Once they become an interested email subscriber you need to strengthen your trust, deepen your relationships and prove your authority so you can convert them into highly qualified sales leads and ideal buying clients.

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content creation saving you time money and effort

Even though your blogs and social media posts will drive your ideal clients onto your website, unless you can actively market to those individuals, you’re pretty much stuck on the sidelines.

interested email subscriberLead magnets are the number 1 way to generate sales leads and increase sales to grow your business online. Lead Magnets come in all different shapes and sizes and are utilised by world-renowned brands as well as small businesses just starting out with digital marketing.

Your email list is your database of highly qualified sales leads and your objective is to grow this database and do whatever it takes to convert them into sales. Which means you will need to interact with them on a consistent basis so they consume your content.

Your Lead magnets will be used to attract and convert your website traffic. In Step 1 you focus your content on your ideal clients purchasing decision journey, so now it is time to influence the journey so they purchase from you.

We’re going to explore the three types of lead magnets that are needed. We build three different types of lead magnets because each one compliments your ideal clients purchasing decision journey and gets them wanting to purchase your product or service.

We create 3 completely different types of lead magnets to make sure we attract more of your ideal clients

You can choose to use all 3 or simply decide on the right one for your lead generation campaign, and put it to use for your business right away.

This is how you get your ideal clients from Point A – a Problem they have right now, to Point B – The solution they are searching for.

convert into interested email subscribersThe objective of your content ‘FUNNEL’ is to get your ideal clients email address with the help of your lead magnets. The online marketing landscape is changing at a rapid pace and the only way to stand out and get noticed is to get your product or service content in front of as many ideal clients as possible. Then you need to make sure they consume your content and get to Know, Like and Trust you. This is why you need three different lead magnets all working together to help attract your ideal clients into your sales funnel so you can build trust, relationships and strengthen your authority.

By using three different lead magnets, you create a learning experience that increases as your ideal clients move along your customer purchasing decision content funnel. You start out with an eBook that is easy and fast to consume, then move onto a webinar that leverages a 1 to many framework, that allows you to talk with multiple people at the same time it would take to talk with just one person.

Then you need social activity such as likes, comments and shares which is why an interactive workshop or 5 day challenge is the next logical lead magnet. Everyone gets together and does the exercises and posts their feedback into the community so they can all comment and help each other.

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content creation saving you time money and effort

Your content funnel will not be of any use to your business unless you can consistently fill it will a steady flow of highly qualified sales leads who are resonating with your product or service solution. That’s how you build a community who grow to trust you, start relationships with you and see you as an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

convert into interested email subscribersWe use your ‘Master Content SEO Document’ to build your Lead Magnets. Which means your lead magnets are made up of the same content that goes into your Social Media Posts and your Blogs. By using the ‘Master Content SEO Document’ we are able to make sure all of your content is in context to your product or service solution.

When all of your content shares the same messaging, it won’t matter what piece of content your ideal clients finds, they will all share your product or service messaging and get them moving along your customer purchasing decision journey so that you can influence their buying behaviours.

We use all of your social media posts to point to your blogs and we use every blog to point your ideal clients over to your eBook. The unique difference with your eBook when compared to typical eBooks is that your eBook uses the same content that is used within all of your blogs.

Which means your blogs are like adverts for your eBook, they are promoting small sections of your entire eBook.

When your ideal clients read one of your blogs and resonate with it’s messaging, they will be more likely to download your eBook to learn more. Once they start reading your eBook, they will enjoy the content because it will be covering the entire messaging rather than just a small part.

We create your eBook in such a way that once your ideal client has consumes your eBook, they will be open to learning more about your product or service. Therefore we provide them with their next logical step, which is attending a webinar.

convert into interested email subscribersA webinar is a lot more personable and your ideal clients get to interact with you within a live format. This means they can see you, hear you and ask questions, which takes your relationship and trust to a whole new level. A webinar has so many other useful benefits, it can attract new ideal clients into your business, it can strengthen the relationship and trust with your existing eBook subscribers and it can be recorded and used as a download to add extra value to your eBook.

The final lead magnet is a 3 to 5 day workshop or it could be called a 5 day challenge, depending on your product or service. This type of lead magnet is very effective at attracting new ideal clients into your business because everyone wants to learn something valuable for free.

This is where you take out a section of your product or service and spend 3 to 5 days teaching it and helping people achieve mini wins.

When your sales leads achieve wins they are more likely to want to work with you and become an ideal buying client.

content creation saving you time money and effort

Sales is a numbers game, it’s a function of volume and conversion, the more sales leads you generate, the greater your chances are of closing more sales, and without talking to more sales leads, you can’t win new customers and when you stop winning new customers, your business is going to suffer.

No matter what your business model, you always need to win new customers to grow and be successful.

So your lead magnets help you win these new customers by transforming your existing product or service into three different automated custom designed digital lead magnets that build long term relationships and gets your message in front of 1000’s of new sales leads every single day.

When you’re in front of the right customer, you know exactly what to say to solve their problems, so we take what’s already working and we put it into a lead magnet that gets your solution in front of the right sales leads.

This gives you the opportunity to immediately build trust, authority and start your business on a new journey towards developing new relationships that turn into profitable sales.

The reason why we use three different types of lead magnets is to make sure your customer purchasing decision journey has the best chance of succeeding. Each lead magnet is strategically positioned within your content journey to make sure your ideal clients continue consuming your content and convert into an ideal buying clients.

When an ideal client first lands on your blog they will be sceptical and will typically have a – what’s in it for me? – mindset. This is why the ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ and the ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’ creates blogs that have the information your ideal clients are searching for.

Which means your lead magnets help influence your customers purchasing decision.

They help your ideal clients achieve their end desired result – which is the solution they are currently searching for.

By converting your ideal clients into interested email subscribers you will generate more sales, find out why we do it for you:

content creation

content creation saving you time money and effort

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