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We interview you and your answers are repurposed into three different lead magnets. The first lead magnet is your eBook which has two core objectives, the first is to attract your ideal clients from your blog over to the opt-in page where they can enter their email address to download your blog. The second objective is to filter out the time wasters who were never going to purchase from you, leaving you with an email list of qualified sales leads who will begin to get to know, like and trust you.

When you can fill your content funnel with qualified sales leads it becomes so much easier to achieve a predictable and consistent flow of highly qualified sales leads who can easily be converted into ideal buying clients.

Each lead magnet is created from the ‘Master Content SEO Document’ that gets handed back to you in Step 1. Sometimes an ideal client will find your social media posts, click through to your blog, download your eBook lead magnet and will instantly convert into an ideal buying client. Other times an ideal client might download your eBook, and need some more convincing. This is why you need to continue offering the next logical steps in building trust, relationships and authority.

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The next logical step becomes your webinar.

Your webinar also has two core objectives, the first is to attract new ideal clients over to your website and get them to register. So that you capture their email address. Once they register you have new interested email subscribers adding to your community. The second objective is to create a higher level of trust, build much stronger relationships and prove that you are an authority within your new community.

3 different lead magnetsWhen you talk on a live basis and your ideal clients see and hear you, everything changes. Especially when they can ask you personal questions in the chat box. And we design your webinars to be interactive by asking multiple choice questions based on their purchasing decision journey. This is important because you can use their answers to refine your content and create laser focused advertising campaigns that attract even more ideal clients into your content funnel.

Now that you have an eBook that is converting your traffic into interested email subscribers and filtering out the time wasters, and a webinar that is strengthening your trust, relationships and authority, it’s time to implement your third logical step in the customer purchasing decision journey, which is the 5 day workshop or it can also be called a 5 day challenge.

Your action takers know they have a problem, understand they need help and can see you have a map that has the logical steps required to provide the solution they are searching for. But sometimes they still want to get to see if they will enjoy working with you. These ideal clients will go through your workshop, interact with you, do all the tasks you set and will enjoy the results they achieve in such a short time. The majority of these ideal clients will become ideal buying clients by the end of these 5 days.

We create three different lead magnets to attract a steady flow of ideal clients into your website

The other ideal clients who are longer term decision makers, will do the workshop but won’t purchase at the end, they may even do multiple workshops with you, stick around for a year and then eventually become an ideal buying client. This is normal and that’s why you need webinars and workshops to keep your community interacting with you and enjoying being part of your community.

three different lead magnetsEach of the three lead magnets we create for you are strategically placed within your customer purchasing decision journey and each has a specific role to play that helps increase the overall conversion percentage. In step 1 your ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ and the ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’ creates your ‘Master Content SEO Document’ that contains everything you need for all three lead magnets.

If your ideal client reads one of your blogs, downloads your eBook or attends a webinar, they will always learn the same logical steps that gets them the solution they are searching for.

This is why we place your eBook after your blogs, so it becomes the next logical step. Once your ideal clients provide their email address to download your eBook they become an interested email subscriber which means you can now send emails to invite them onto your webinars or workshops.

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content creation saving you time money and effort

This is why we make your webinar the next Lead Magnet because it’s a natural progression after reading your eBook. If they have resonated with your content within your eBook then they will want to get to know you more as they get closer to making a purchasing decision.

A webinar means they get to see you, listen to you and ask you any questions they may have after reading your eBook. When you can answer their questions and interact with them on a live basis, they are more likely to purchase your product or service.

If they do not purchase from you, then the next logical step is to prove that your solution works. This means your third lead magnet needs to be something that gets your sales leads taking action and getting results.

three different lead magnetsThe best way to do this is to provide a workshop or a challenge. Which means you simply take a section from your ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ and teach it over a 3 or 5 day period so your ideal clients get to learn something of value and see if they can achieve results.

This means they start to think about your product or service in a new way and once they know you can get them the results they are searching for, they will automatically and unconsciously credit you with knowing the solution and purchase from you.

This is why we position your 3 lead magnets within specific sections of your content funnel to make sure you have the best chance of filtering out time wasters and building relationships with the remaining ideal clients.

We all know about the many amazing benefits of blogging, social media posting, creating actionable content, creating YouTube videos and other forms of content marketing. But one of the hardest parts is actually finding the time to sit down, write, film, and create content!

In today’s busy workplace, the quantity of work that needs to be completed and the speed at which we have to do it is far greater than it was just a few years ago.

We need new tools and systems that help us. Or in this scenario, you need us to do all the work for you.

That’s why we created the ‘Done For You Content Creation Framework’ for managing time and maximising content creation.

We understand that as a business owner you do not have the time to create consistent blogs and you do not have the technical knowledge to build three different lead magnets. This is why in Step 1 we take all the entire workload away from you. The ‘Done For You Content Creation Framework’ builds everything we need for the entire customer purchasing decision journey content funnel.

three different lead magnets that convertAn important thing to become aware of is your ideal clients will not read all of your blogs. Even though we create your blogs for you, your ideal clients will probably only read one or maybe 3. They will make up their minds very quickly from reading your blogs whether or not you can help them. If they think you can help them, they will download your eBook. And once they read your blog, it doesn’t take long before they get distracted and may forget what it was about. Which is why we use your email campaigns to remind them about your product or service. Then you have the challenge of making sure they consume your entire eBook which is why we use another email sequence to make sure they do consume it all.

Then once they consume your eBook it is fair to say that they will soon start to forget about your content again. Which is why you need to get them onto a webinar as soon as possible, strike while the iron is hot. Your webinar will cover the same content and start to drive your message home when you are always saying the same message over and over it has more chance of sinking in. Which is why we keep repurposing your content across all your lead magnets.

We have designed the ‘Done For You Content Creation Framework’ in such a way that your answers can be repurposed into the three different lead magnets. In Step 1 your answers create all of your blogs and social media posts. In Step 2 your answers are placed within each of the three lead magnets in such a way that they can be created on your behalf.

Your eBook covers the entire journey in enough detail that your ideal clients will want to learn more. Then we use your answers to build your webinar that helps you to interact with your ideal clients and strengthen relationships. Then with your workshop or challenge, we use one section of your ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ and focus on that over a 3- 5 day period.

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content creation saving you time money and effort

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