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Your content will prove to your ideal clients that you are an expert. This is why the customer purchasing decision journey content funnel is so powerful. It amplifies your product or service message across all of your social platforms and lead magnets. It allows you to deliver a consistent message over and over until you convert your highly qualified sales leads into ideal buying clients.

Which means, if they are the wrong ideal clients and your product or service is not for them, they will quickly unsubscribe. This is one of the main features of your lead magnet, to eliminate the time wasters as soon as possible.

All 3 lead magnets are focused on attracting your Ideal Clients and as a business owner, you already know who they are. They are the people you meet and as soon as you start talking about your product or service they want to know more.

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You don’t have to chase after them and they simply ‘get’ what you do and you ‘get’ them. Your product or service is exactly what they have been searching for and you are able to help them resolve the exact pain or problem and achieve the results they need and want.

my Ideal clients expertYour ideal client is someone who finds the perfect solution to their problems or needs in your product or service. Your Ideal Client will be loyal to your company, frequently use or buy your products or services, and more likely become a brand ambassador who will recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Which means it’s critical to be specific and know exactly who they are. If you want to convert cold traffic into interested email subscribers, and then into highly qualified sales leads who can be converted into ideal buying clients, then all three lead magnets need to provide the solution they are searching for.

If your lead magnets can solve your ideal clients pain state or current problem better than they can, they will automatically and unconsciously credit you with knowing the entire solution. When you know exactly who to attract with your lead magnets, you will attract more people and easily convert them into ideal buying clients.

Your three lead magnets allow you to focus your product or service resources on the best opportunities available, to increase your chances of attracting your Ideal Client and thereby achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Your lead magnets prove to your ideal clients that you are an expert and are positioned within your content funnel to increase the effectiveness of your conversions.

When you deliver the right lead magnet, to the right ideal client, based on their specific needs, you will create profitable sales. This is why we use the ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ and ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’ to help refine your product or service messaging into your ideal clients purchasing decision journey so you become the business that can get them the solution they are looking for.
By using each of your lead magnets to slowly increase the amount of time you spend with them, your product or service becomes part of the journey from problem to solution. You get to educate your ideal clients on the solution they are searching for, you share your expertise organically and you get to do this without being in-your-face about it.

my Ideal clients expertYour ideal clients want to purchase from an expert who has the background and experience in solving the problem they’re facing. The three lead magnets give your ideal clients the reasons to be confident in your ability to help them solve a problem.

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy and standing out amongst the millions of other lead magnets, by following our structured content mapping system, your lead magnets will use the same words your ideal client would use when they think about their own pain state or problems. That way they stand out and resonates with the solution they are searching for.

Your lead magnets content is the essential element that makes everything fall into place and proves to your ideal clients that you are an expert.

It’s where you present an all-inclusive laser focused solution that is exactly what they want and need. Consistent content-driven traffic is the most effective, dependable type of filtered traffic that you will ever get. The ideal clients who find you when they are looking for products or services that solve their current problems are going to be the easiest to convert into ideal buying clients. Especially after they have read your blogs, consumed your Ebook and jumped onto a webinar or completed one of your workshops.

help me prove to my ideal clients that i am an expertPeople buy from people they know, like and trust. Instead of just having an email list or strangers, you use your webinars and workshops to build a community of highly qualified sales leads. Your fast action takers will purchase from you immediately and your slower ideal clients will stick around and purchase from you eventually.

Your lead magnets highlight your ideal clients priorities, addresses their problems, and delivers the solution they are searching for. When your lead magnet attracts your ideal client, everything falls into place.

This is why it’s important to have all three lead magnets working together to create the logical steps that make up your customers purchasing decision journey. These lead magnets significantly increase your chances of converting your traffic into interested email subscribers. Once you have your ideal clients email address you can start sending out emails to strengthen your trust and build stronger relationships.

With all the talk of video and chatbots, it sometimes seems like email is long past its prime. But if you think email is dead, you’re missing out on the real metrics.

Email marketing is still going strong today, and is possibly the best possible strategy for your business.

content creation saving you time money and effort

Your ideal clients will all be using email at home, at work and with friends and family. They will be inundated with interruptions, pitches, and advertisements everywhere they look. Which means they are ignoring all of those emails and only opening up the ones that they recognise who the sender is.

Which is why it’s important to build trust and relationships, so each time your ideal client sees an email from you, they recognise your name and open it. Getting into your ideal clients inbox is like being invited into their home for dinner, which means you need to be on your best behavior at all times.

help me prove to my ideal clients that i am an expertYour email list is one of your most valuable business assets, and if you learn how to treat it right, the cost of doing so will pay for itself.

Over time, you can start tracking how much money your ideal clients spend on average. This will tell you how much your list is worth.

You’ll want to email on a regular basis that works best for you and your company’s voice and style.

When your lead magnet attracts an ideal client who is searching for a desired solution, they will instantly recognise you as an expert in the one thing that they need and want. Which means they will expect you to have a unique way of helping them achieve results.

When your ideal clients can actually see themselves in your marketing communications, it will drive higher loyalty towards your solutions versus your competitors and prove that you are an expert within your chosen field of expertise.

And of course, we always leave your ideal clients with just one concrete call to action. This closes your lead magnets in a positive and beneficial way in the eyes of your ideal clients and tells them what they should do next.

my ideal clients expertBy following our ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ and ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’ framework, your lead magnets will provide your ideal clients with a good sense of what your product or service can do for them which ultimately allows you to engage with them much faster. The more you engage with your ideal clients, the faster you will convert them into ideal buying clients.

There is enough content out there in the digital world and your ideal clients do not want more content. Instead, they need content that is in context to the solution they are searching for and that is exactly what you are providing.

If you just create content on the theory side, your ideal clients will more than likely not remember it after a few minutes. But when you turn your product or service into a map, it becomes something concrete. And your ideal clients are much more likely to remember the content that is in relation to a map that demonstrates your product or service principle. We all use a map to get to a destination we are not familiar with, and your content becomes the map that will deliver the results they are searching for.

Your lead magnets help convert your ideal clients into interested email subscribers.

Once you build a list of emails, you need to build somewhere for them to hang out, you need to keep interacting with them. Which means you want to build a community.

A community provides your ideal clients with a feeling of belonging and a network of other people they can connect with based on their shared interests and/ or characteristics.

This will help you build brand loyalty, increase conversions and sales, and show your ideal clients a human side to you that they can relate to. We help you get started by developing a strategy, and using your content to meet their unmet needs. We make it possible for you to engage in a dialogue within your community via your webinars and workshops. Your community will begin to grow naturally.

By converting your ideal clients into interested email subscribers you will be able to prove that you are an expert, find out how we do this for you:

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content creation saving you time money and effort


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