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Your email campaigns will build relationships, strengthen trust with  your ideal clients and help you generate more sales. Which is why the second step within your content ‘FUNNEL’ is all about converting your interested email subscribers into ideal buying clients. Which means you will need an email autoresponder and a series of email campaigns. Your emails play a significant role in building relationships, strengthening your trust and making sales.

Your name and your subject lines are the most important factors in getting your emails opened and read. For example, 64% of subscribers say they are more likely to read your email because of who it’s from, and 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line. This encourages your email subscribers to keep opening up your emails and clicking through to your content so you can continue to influence their buying decisions.

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Once you have your sales leads name and email address, you can offer the right solution to the right problem at the right time to the right person. As they start to consume your information it builds trust, authority and long term relationships, through carefully crafted content that helps your business stand out and get noticed.

create content for my business Email campaigns are still the number 1 medium being used today to generate sales. Which is why we implement specific email campaigns into all the different stages of your content funnel structure. This is where we put your best content forward and that’s why you need a structured ‘SEO Content Creation Map’. So you know exactly what to say, when to say it and how to deliver it at the exact right moment in time. Your email campaigns will play a significant role when it comes to converting your cold sales leads into ideal buying clients.

Your ‘Master Content SEO Document’ contains the outline of 62 emails that are in context to your product or service messaging. We have separated specific sections of your eBook and used them for the content of each email. This means each email will be interesting to your ideal client because it helps them remember the content within the eBook and it also keeps them consuming your content. Each email has a call to action to click to a relevant blog or back into your eBook.

We also provide you with a series of ‘Email Campaigns’ that help to keep you interacting with your growing community.

The more email campaigns you deliver to your interested email subscribers the easier it gets to build relationships, strengthen trust and generate more sales.

These email campaigns follow on after each other to make sure you stay at the top of mind when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

Every time a new sales lead enters into your content funnel and starts engaging with your product or service content, you’ll know exactly what to do with them, you’ll know how to fully teach and instruct them into your product or service, how to get them to engage with you and how to bond with them as you build trust and authority. They will quickly learn by opening your emails and clicking through to your content, it gets them closer to achieving their desired gain state.

First, let’s mention the elephant in the room – is email marketing still relevant?

Your Emails Build Relationships, Strengthen Trust And Generate SalesWell, email marketing provides an incredibly high ROI, it helps to influence your ideal clients purchasing behaviours, and there are billions of email users and it’s consistently growing, so email is not going away. To help increase open rates your emails need to be personalised, they need to be mobile friendly and it helps to add video to them as well.

Which means as soon as you start collecting email addresses you will need an email autoresponder. Not only does this allow you to have an opt-in section where your ideal clients can enter their name and email address but it allows you to send out emails on a regular basis.

An interesting thing about email sales that not a lot of business owners know about or take the time to appreciate is that you need to follow up with an email sales lead anywhere from 7 to 12 times before they decide to engage with you. In my experience, it’s actually more than that. I’ve seen it reach 40 times on average.

As soon as your ideal clients provide you with their email address you need to follow up with your emails campaigns on a consistent basis.

content creation saving you time money and effort

This is done with a series of email campaigns that are automated and send out your best content. Now that your email list is rapidly growing by the day, you simply add in a few more email campaigns to help educate, segment and strengthen your relationships. Your email campaigns are all designed to deliver valuable content with a specific call to action, that gets them to purchase your product or service.

free email campaignsIt’s now your responsibility as an authority within your field of expertise to make sure your sales leads continue taking logical steps along your content funnel and start taking action.

There will be 3 email campaigns that will need to be added into your content funnel, the first is your welcome campaign that makes sure your ideal client consume your eBook, the second is used for your webinars to make sure your ideal clients register and attend. And the third is required each time you launch your 5 day workshops.

Each email sequence provides specific content and a call to action that generates the next logical step to achieving the results they are searching for.

Your Opt-In landing page is a dedicated web page on your website that is created as a destination for your ideal clients to be able to enter in their name and email address to achieve an end desired result.

emails campaigns that convertWithin the ‘Web Page SEO Templates’ we provide you with your ‘eBook Opt-In SEO Template’, a ‘Webinar Opt-In SEO Template’ and a ‘Workshop Opt-In SEO Template’. These lead generation pages encourage your ideal clients to provide you with their email address in exchange for your lead Magnet option.

A dedicated opt-in page is an excellent way to capture your sales leads email addresses. We dedicate an opt-in page for each of your three lead magnets, so you can deliver a focused massage without any distractions, thus increasing your conversion percentages.

This also means your opt-in landing pages help meet customers’ expectations. When you’re promoting your eBook within your blogs, and share a link to your eBook opt-in landing page, your ideal clients who follow the link will be reassured by finding exactly what you’ve promised when they arrive on the page. It’s a great way to build trust.

By converting your ideal clients into interested email subscribers, your email campaigns will generate more sales, find out how we create them for you:

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content creation saving you time money and effort




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