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You only have a few seconds for your opt-in page to convert your website traffic into interested email subscribers. So we make sure what you say about your offer matches what’s on the opt-in page. It’s a way to make sure your ideal clients who arrive on your landing page get what they expect. Any unnecessary distractions that get in the way of your ideal clients completing the desired action are deleted.

That applies to navigation, sidebars, footers, links to your social media profiles, and too many links in general. Then we deliver your lead magnet immediately, as well as by email. We use high-quality images to reflect your high-quality brand and place them in the right way to focus your ideal clients attention on your opt-in form. And we make sure the benefits, offer and call to action is crystal clear, so they are happy to hand over their name and email address.

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Your lead magnet delivery page is a very important page that has 2 objectives. The first is to deliver the expected lead magnet and the second is to convince your ideal client to continue moving along your purchasing decision journey so that you can convince them to purchase your product or service.

the perfect opt-in page that convertsWithin the ‘Web Page SEO Templates’ we provide you with your ‘eBook Delivery SEO Template’, a ‘Webinar Delivery SEO Template’ and a ‘Workshop Delivery SEO Template’. These lead magnet delivery pages are designed to deliver your desired lead magnet and then deliver a call to action that provides their next logical step to get closer to buying from you.

As soon as your ideal clients enter their email address they will be transferred over to the delivery page so they can consume or watch your desired lead magnet. This means you have their full attention and need to take advantage of the situation. This is why we create three different lead magnets so that we can continue to provide alternative options for your ideal client to continue their learning experience.

A hidden benefit of these delivery pages is that search engines eventually realise that your ideal clients are sticking on your website or social media pages and getting the information they want.

In turn, this will rank your site higher than your competitors.

In short, your site gets a reward for relevance and giving visitors the information they are searching for. Some of the vital aspects that you can incorporate into the lead magnet delivery pages are valuable customer testimonials, company credentials, professional credentials, success stories, and awards.

These elements all have the potential to convince your ideal clients about the reputation of your company and consequently, the kind of experience they can expect. These all help to create higher credibility for your brand, enhance your online reputation, and further foster your trust.

i need an opt-in page that will convert my ideal clientsA successful Lead Magnet delivery page can potentially increase your overall marketing campaign effectiveness. This will help you evaluate how your content strategy is working and in turn generate more leads, increase sales, optimise your marketing efforts & increase overall business profitability.

Like everything else in the marketing industry, email marketing trends are constantly changing. Which is why we use a method and strategy that integrates into the customer purchasing decision journey. Each email campaign is directly connected to your three lead magnets and uses the analytic data to help drive your decisions.

Your email campaigns will help to consistently deliver your product or service messaging that builds trust, relationships and authority. The key objective of your email campaigns is to make sure you get high open rates and click through rates. This is why it is so important to provide value within each email so your ideal clients enjoy opening them. It’s also important to make sure that when they click on a link it sends them somewhere that adds value again, that way they will always click on your links.

We use your answers from your interview to populate your opt-in page to maker sure it converts your website traffic into interested email subscribers.

content creation saving you time money and effort

As your community of interested email subscribers starts to grow, your emails will help to keep your product or service at the front of mind with your ideal clients so when they are ready to make a purchasing decision, you will be the first company they approach.

i need an opt-in page that converts my website trafficIt’s important to understand that your ideal clients are routinely viewing videos and downloading files without needing to be sent links in an email first. By forcing your ideal clients to go and look at their email inbox, find your email and then click on a link to access their eBook download, you’re actually breaking their normal sequence of clicking links on web pages. And this really draws attention to how you’re collecting their contact details in exchange for your lead magnets.

Which is why we send your ideal clients directly to your eBook download after entering their email. We also send an email with the download link but our objective is to get them into your eBook as soon as possible. If they provide a fake email to get your eBook, it doesn’t matter because they will get flagged within your email campaigns and quickly deleted.

Your ideal clients will only get value if they can absorb your lead magnets, retain, and use what you’re offering. At this stage, we don’t even ask for the name because it’s too early. When you move onto your next lead magnets such as your webinar or workshop, that’s when you will be asking for their name.

Your eBook is the first time you ask your ideal client to hand over their personal details, so you need to make it as easy as possible and reduce any friction.

This unique opt-in structure helps to increase your conversion rate and proves that you are respectful and an authority within your industry.

These unique techniques that we use on your lead magnet landing pages set the scene for your entire content funnel. By delivering more value than what was promised, your ideal clients will be pleasantly surprised. If you are promising an eBook but then deliver a video version and an Audio version, they will not be expecting that and now will have the choice to consume your lead magnet in the format they prefer.

We also add in a replay of your webinar as a bonus once you have recorded one. This allows the ideal clients who are ready to make a quick purchasing decision the opportunity to dig a bit deeper into your product or service so they can make a confident decision and know that you can deliver the solution they are searching for.

If your ideal client doesn’t want to purchase from you at this stage, it won’t matter because the page also promotes your other lead magnets and sets the scene as to why they are important. So when they get their email invitation to register for a webinar or for a workshop and 5 day challenge, they are more likely to want to attend and gain the benefits that you have already outlined.

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content creation

content creation saving you time money and effort



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