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A CTA – call to action – will make sure your ideal clients consume your content and continue to move along your content funnel. When you show your ideal clients that you like to deliver more than what was promised it becomes so much faster to build trust and develop your relationships. This extends into opening your emails and clicking through on your links. The objective of your lead magnet delivery pages are to provide huge value and keep them moving along your purchasing decision journey until they become ideal buying clients.

When it comes to your email marketing success, there are four key areas that we focus on to optimise your ROI. We make sure to segment your email list so that ideal clients who are at the start of your content funnel are tagged so we know they are cold sales leads. Then when they attend a webinar we tag them again and segment them as warm sales leads. Then the ideal clients who also attend your workshops get a tag that segments them into highly qualified sales leads. This allows you to know who to focus on when sending out special offers that increase sales.

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Every autoresponder offers its own set of analytics which means to increase your email marketing success you need to monitor your open rates and click through rates. So by making small changes to your emails you can easily monitor your rates to see if it is increasing or decreasing. Over time it becomes easy to see what works best with your ideal clients and you apply these techniques to all three email campaigns.

CTA - Call To ActionWhen you apply these simple techniques to your email marketing you will be able to achieve the highest ROI over any other form of online marketing. Regardless, if you’re sending emails to your contacts, it’ll benefit you and your company to learn proper email marketing tactics. Whether your database has one thousand contacts or ten thousand, a properly executed email marketing strategy will bring great returns for your business.

You will always need to give your ideal clients a good reason to provide you with their contact information, especially if they do not know you. Nearly every website or business with an email list uses a lead magnet to attract customers into their list. Simply inviting people to sign up for your list no longer generates the results it once did.

One of the most crucial aspects that are required when turning your online SEO content strategy into a money-making machine is creating the perfect opt-in page. This opt-in page is responsible for building your email list. With an email list, you have owned traffic that you can potentially sell to. From there, the opportunities are limitless.

my CTA - Call To ActionIn marketing speak, email subscribers are referred to as “ sales leads”. That’s because each email subscriber is potentially only an email (or 40 emails) away from becoming an ideal buying client.

The purpose of your opt-in is not only to get your ideal client to opt into your email list: it actually goes even deeper than that…

You want to actually create a noticeable improvement in their life. That is what will build trust, nurture your relationships, and ultimately help to convince them to buy your products or services. Now, more than ever, your ideal clients are keeping their emails sacred. They will only give you their address if you can confidently deliver on your problem solving promise, which is why this page will always need to be measured via your analytics to make sure it is converting at its high percentage.

Your eBook delivery page delivers your eBook and then promotes your live webinars and workshops.

It acts as a micro-sales page that promotes the features and benefits of your other lead magnets and helps them understand why it makes such a difference to be able to talk on a live basis with you. This is where you get to answer any questions they may have and you get to add more value by going deeper into your product or service.

The objective of your webinars are to get more email addresses and then use your CTA – call to action to convert them into ideal buying clients. Your webinar delivery page continues to highlight the features and benefits of your product or service.

cat call to actionThe actual webinar includes a workbook download and three different quizzes that are placed in the chat box. The reason why we include quizzes inside your webinars is to get feedback. The feedback from the different questions can help to create the content for your adverts or opt-in pages. If you use the same words your ideal clients are using to describe what solution they want, and place them into your marketing, you will be able to attract more ideal clients.

Then your Workshop or 5 day challenge has its own registration opt-in page and delivery page. The whole objective of these workshops or 5 day challenges is to make it easy for your ideal clients to achieve results with just a section of your product or service, that way they will automatically credit you with having the full solution they are searching for to achieve the end desired results they need.

When it comes to your emails, you will use Call To Action – CTA – buttons to get your ideal clients clicking.

content creation saving you time money and effort

Good things happen when you create killer calls-to-actions. I would even argue that your content funnel can’t be successful unless you produce great calls-to-action buttons.

The ideal CTA – call to action, however, isn’t always easy to think of. SO let’s have a look at some that will provide a little nudge in the right direction.

call to action - CTAThe CTA – call to action – Get Started Today – is simple and short. It makes a powerful impact and is useful for your signup process, to download your eBook, or join your free introduction course. The word “today” is similar to the word “now.” Remember, instant gratification is a universal appeal for just about any CTA. If you are promising something today, it’s much more likely to produce action.

The CTA – call to action – Learn More – is short and direct. It appeals to one of the most fundamental of your ideal client’s needs: the desire for information. It is perfect for your Blogs, eBook, webinars, workshops and introduction course before asking for the sale.

The CTA – call to action – Sign up for a free Introduction Course – isn’t quite as strong as the immediate benefits promised by the other CTAs, but it is a great technique nonetheless. The power of the CTA is in that single word free.

The CTA – call to action – Send me my eBook right now – Notice the word “me.” First-person CTAs use words like “me,” “my,” and “I.” They are powerful because your ideal client feels a sense of connection to the concept. This CTA is heavily first-person oriented and comes with a dose of the instant. “Right now” reinforces this concept.

The CTA – call to action – Get your Free eBook – is short and direct. The word “free” stands out and encourages your ideal clients to convert.

The CTA – call to action – Subscribe Now – is short, sweet, and to the point. You don’t need to say a lot in order to get your ideal clients to do a lot.

Most of your persuasion has happened on in your accompanying copy, rather than in your CTA button. With the stage set, you’re CTA will be required to get your ideal clients back into your customer purchasing decision journey to continue consuming your content. This is the only way you will be able to convert them into ideal buying clients.

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content creation saving you time money and effort