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The final topic in your content ‘FUNNEL’ is all about your advertising campaigns. Your advertising campaigns will help drive more traffic to your social media posts, website, blogs and lead magnets.

Within Step 1 ‘GROWTH’, we set up your tracking pixels and codes so each time an ideal client lands on your website, blogs or lead magnets they fire and start building a targeted audience.

These audiences are then used to create retargeting and lookalike audiences.

Retargeting is when you tell your platform to send specific adverts to people who visited specific pages and a lookalike audience is when you ask your platform to find other users who are similar to the people who landed on your specific pages.

When you start targeting these new audiences, your conversions go up and your cost per click goes down.

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content creation saving you time money and effort

This is why we use your social posts to help you become more visible, which in turn attracts more ideal clients. These ideal clients click through to specific website pages and blogs. Then we make sure your eBook has backlinks into these specific pages of your website as well, so you can start collecting more focused traffic.

Your Advertising Campaigns Will Drive Traffic To Your ContentWe also use your emails to send your subscribers to these same pages, to make sure you are building a very focused list of interested ideal clients.

This is how you use your advertising to generate a consistent and predictable monthly revenue for your business.

Your ideal clients are deeply curious, searching high and low for information about a product or service that is going to get them the solution they need. The information they find as they research will help influence their purchasing decision. You should never make an educated guess about your product or service when you first take it online within a content funnel. It’s basic economics. The most successful businesses are those who offer solutions where there is already demand. Without demand, there are no sales.

The goal here is to use your analytics to make the necessary changes that consistently increase the conversion percentages of every part of your sales funnel.

Advertising CampaignsBy gaining a deeper understanding of your ideal clients, you can build a complete picture and better evaluate the performance of your marketing, lead magnets, content, and product or service. Your analytics makes it easy to understand how your website users are engaging with your content, so you know what’s working and what’s not. You will be able to quickly see how your ideal clients are interacting with your lead magnets and the role that different social channels play by viewing robust reports and dashboards.

Understanding the behaviour of your ideal clients will help you improve your user experience, refine your content, measure user behaviour, find insights about usage, and drive real change that improves the user experience and your business performance.

When it comes to your advertising we focus on four core platforms, Google for keyword specific keyword search traffic, LinkedIn for very focused ideal client attraction, YouTube for general keyword search traffic and Facebook for general retargeting awareness. These platforms combined will have all of your ideal clients within them, which means you can fill your sales funnel up with highly qualified sales leads that can easily be converted into profitable sales.

There is one core objective of your Advertising Campaigns, to drive a huge volume of ideal clients over to your posts, blogs and lead magnets so they can be converted into interested email subscribers.

content creation saving you time money and effort

When it is time to run a webinar it is a great way to attract new ideal clients into your customer purchasing decision journey content funnel. Even though you will be inviting your own community it is still a good idea to use its appeal to attract new ideal clients.

generating new salesThen when it is time to run a 5 day workshop or challenge, you can get a lot more traffic to the event with advertising. Each platform has its own analytic data which makes it very easy to measure how effective your advertising campaigns are. Also, your Google Analytics will show you how effective each new advertising campaign has been as well. So it becomes very easy to measure your return on marketing spend.

The core benefit of using Google, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook for your initial advertising campaigns is they all offer the greatest coverage and unique tracking pixels. These tracking pixels add a piece of script to each person who lands on your blogs, or website pages. Then it collects these people and puts them into an audience which can be used to send different adverts to that ultimately help increase your conversions and lower your cost per click.

Once you start building these targeted audiences you can use another very unique feature which is called lookalike audiences. This is where you tell the advertising platform to go out and find more people who are similar to the people who have been landing on your pages.

This means you can build a new audience that is made up of people who are very similar to your existing ideal clients. So when you do your advertising into these lookalike audiences your conversions are incredibly higher and as a result, your cost per click goes right down. This is how you start to attract more traffic into your content funnel for less money.

The further an ideal client travels down your content journey, the more qualified they become. Which means your objective is to create a lookalike audience of the people who have read your blog, downloaded your eBook, attended a webinar and done a few 5 day workshops. These people are a mix of your highest qualified sales leads and ideal clients. Which means when you create a lookalike audience of these people you will get a much higher quality of people to advertise to. So it makes sense to send them more focused advertising campaigns to get them consuming your blogs, attending webinars and workshops. This is why retargeting and lookalike advertising is implemented throughout your entire content funnel.

These advertising campaigns have a much lower cost per click because they are focused on your ideal clients, find out how to save money and get an ROI with your advertising:

content creation

content creation saving you time money and effort



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