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Sales is a numbers game and a conversion game – and “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time” (Poet John Lydgate)

Which means as your community is growing in numbers, you need to make sure you are talking to all of them on a regular basis. Otherwise, they will slip away and forget about you completely.

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This is why it’s critical to leverage your emails, blog posts, social media posts, lead magnets and advertising campaigns. The most effective way of getting in front of all your sales leads and ideal clients is through your blog posts, eBook, and webinars or workshops.

Your Webinars and workshops are the most powerful and convert at the highest because you get to leverage a 1 to many model.

You have the opportunity to talk with hundreds of ideal clients at the same time it would take to just talk with one. You also get to talk on a live basis and answer any questions your ideal clients have so that you can promote and sell your product or service directly to them.

Content That Leverages A 1 To Many Model It’s a simple function of scale, volume and conversion. The more you leverage your time and get your product or service messaging in front of more sales leads, the easier it gets to convert sales leads into ideal buying clients.

So I encourage you to take your content funnel very seriously.

We’ve taken a sales funnel strategy that’s incredibly complex and overwhelming, and simplified it into a process, a system of 3 simple steps, that each has an underpinned quantifiable return on investment.

We want your content funnel to make you money, by giving more value to more clients, and automating it all, so that it’s scalable and provides you with a measurable return on your marketing budget.

Each step may seem like a big chunk but they’re just a series of simple systems, that when integrated into your content marketing strategy will generate a consistent, predictable and profitable revenue flow for your business.

Content That Leverages A 1 To Many Model The GROWTH FUNNEL JOURNEY is affordable, won’t take long to implement and requires minimal technical knowledge. It puts a long term online business asset in place for your business, that’s a true selling machine, an automated asset that leverages a 1 to many model and when you have that level of accountability, you know you will take action.

Sales lead generation and online sales, are always a challenge for any business, but, allowing us to create your content and implement it within a content funnel that is based on your ideal clients purchasing decision journey that’s only focus is to generate your business’s profitable and predictable sales – changes everything.

Don’t forget to book your ‘Audit and Mapping Session calls, watch our ‘Free Introduction Course’, jump onto one of our webinars or join in on one of our 5 day challenge workshops, so we can start getting to know like and trust each other.

In – ‘Step 3 JOURNEY’ – you find out how we can do this together or how we can do this for you.

Content That Leverages A 1 To Many Model One of the fastest ways to attract your ideal clients into your lead magnets and getting them to become interested email subscribers is via advertising. While most of us have a pretty good idea of what advertising looks like, it’s a little harder to do it well. Advertising is all about creating messages to persuade and motivate your ideal clients to take action. Effective advertising is designed to be extremely influential, memorable, and persuasive so that your ideal client clicks to learn more. It breaks through the clutter and noise of everyday life, disrupts your ideal client’s attention, and demands their focus.

Social ads put your message in front of your target ideal client and encourage them to engage, click-through, and buy. If you’re an existing or new business, consider running some social media advertisements to your blogs and lead magnets. These will not only advertise your products and services but also promote your social media pages and grow your following.

Advertising should focus on the benefits your product or service brings, not explain what you’re physically selling. To best connect and engage with your audience, speak your ideal client’s language, appeal to their emotions, and tap into their desire to be a part of a community, create a clear and authentic brand story to illustrate how your brand aligns with the solution they are searching for.

By applying these tried and true practices to your advertising, you’ll build a magnetic brand that attracts your ideal clients, establishes a following, and generates revenue.

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content creation

content creation saving you time money and effort



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