This blog covers Step 3 Journey and is part 2 in a series of 9

In Step 1, we use your ‘Master Content SEO Document’ to create your 22 x ‘Blogs’ and 122 x ‘social media posts’ In Step 2, we use your ‘Master Content SEO Document’ to create your ‘eBook’, ‘Webinar’, ‘Workshop’, ‘email sequences’, ‘YouTube Videos’ and ‘SEO website pages’.

In step 3, we use your ‘Master Content SEO Document’ to create your ‘online courses’ and measure every part of your content funnel to make it easier to increase your conversions and maintain your business growth year on year.

All of these different content assets are focusing on the same product or service content which is in context to your customer purchasing decision journey. Which means you are generating additional opportunities to target your keywords and strengthen your SEO.

This reinforces your product or service messaging and makes sure you start to show up in searches. Repetition is an essential part of sending a message that sinks in. Sometimes your ideal clients need to hear your message from eight to forty times before they’ll purchase from you.

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content creation saving you time money and effort

You also get to gain extra authority by publishing quality content in a variety of places on a single topic that raises your profile within your industry and teaches your ideal clients to regard you as an expert.

Your Free online course is used to pre-sell your product or serviceOnce you start building a community of highly qualified email subscribers and sales leads, you must keep at the top of their mind when it comes to making a purchasing decision. Which means you need to keep them interacting with your content, otherwise you run the risk of losing them to your competitors.

Therefore you need evergreen content, I’m talking about content that can be changed. One of the main benefits of Step 3 is that you start to monitor your advertising, social posts, blogs, opt-in pages, landing pages, email campaigns, lead magnets and courses via the 20 conversion focal points that are also called your Call To Actions.

These call to actions are critical to every point leading up to a purchasing decision and sale. You either make small changes to the content or add in more content to help strengthen its conversion power.

You make small changes to your social media posts to make sure they are increasing your awareness and visibility so they attract more ideal clients into your blogs. Then you make small changes to your blog headings to make sure they are getting consumed so they can convert your traffic into interested email subscribers.

Your Blogs can provide links directly to your Free online course which pre-sells your product or service.

content creation saving you time money and effort

Then you make changes to your adverts so they are attracting more ideal clients into your purchasing decision journey content funnel. Which means your adverts need to be laser-focused on your ideal client’s problems and the solutions they are searching for.

Your Free online course is used to pre-sell your product or serviceThe most effective way to make sure your adverts are creating the visibility that is required to attract your ideal client is to use the feedback you get from your ideal clients during your webinars and workshops. When you ask them what their problems are and what solutions they are trying to achieve, you use their answers in the adverts you create.

This feedback is priceless and will be the pinnacle of your conversion success. Your ideal client’s feedback will help you attract more of the same ideal clients who are searching for the exact solution you provide.

By using your ideal clients feedback you can also strategically place their words into your content so you strengthen the bond with your ideal clients. When they resonate with your content, you get to build trust faster, deepen relationships and be seen as an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

For the remaining sales leads who need more time before making a final purchasing decision, you need them to remain in your community. This means you need to continue educating them on your product or service so you stay at top of mind when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

Which means you need another logical step that allows your ideal clients to continue researching and learning how your product or service can help them achieve their end desired results.

The perfect format for this is to offer Free online course which pre-sells your product or service, so you can leverage a 1 to many education models.

content creation saving you time money and effort

Once again you want to be able to create some training tutorials once and then deliver them to thousands of ideal clients. This will free up your time and strengthen the connection between your product or service and the solution they need.

Your Free online course is used to pre-sell your product or serviceThere are two different online course formats that we deploy. The first one is a free introduction course. When your ideal clients have consumed your lead magnet eBook, and attended a webinar or workshop, or 5-day challenge and not yet purchased, it means they need more time. This can be a problem because if you leave them alone, you risk losing the momentum you created or even worse they get distracted by someone else’s content and move away from you altogether.

To avoid this from happening, we build a free online course that offers a zero friction choice. If your ideal client wants proof of how they will be able to get real results from your product or service, you offer them a short video series that explains it in more detail and offers proof.

This also means they remain within your customer purchasing decision journey content funnel for a bit longer.

This free online course is also designed to pre-sell your product or service, or any paid for online courses.

Sometimes your ideal clients might want to test your training methods and see if you can deliver results before investing money in your product or service. Therefore by selling an online course you can help them achieve results and prove that your product or service is worth investing in.

Your Free online course is used to pre-sell your product or service These paid-for courses are an easy way to generate semi-passive income while you wait for them to become a direct 1 to 1 ideal client. We call this a semi-passive income because you still need to include your time and effort on the Live Workshop sections.

But the benefit of these workshops is that they do not use up a lot of your time, they are typically once a week or once a month and only last a few hours.

But as far as the online tutorials you create, you only need to create them once and then sell it to thousands of interested ideal clients who are within your community, without having to use up any extra time.

This is where your community makes a significant difference in growing your business.

When you can build a community of interest ideal clients, it becomes so much easier to sell your products or services.

You can also start to offer your online tutorial as an upsell when you do your webinars or workshops or 5-day challenges. It’s the perfect way to continue your ideal clients purchasing decision journey as they move along your content funnel.

This is why we publish your social media posts across as many social platforms as possible and upload your blogs onto your website and then into LinkedIn as articles. The more people clicking over to your blogs means the more people you can target with advertising. These adverts can persuade your ideal clients to consume your lead magnets and your lead magnets will filter out the time-wasters, leaving you with a community of interested ideal clients who can be converted into ideal buying clients.

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content creation saving you time money and effort


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