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Your webinars or workshops can be repurposed into recordings and added to your eBook download delivery page. This allows you to deliver additional value to your new email subscribers who are just expecting an eBook. Now they get to watch a webinar replay of your best content.

They see you interacting with other people on the webinar which instantly provides social proof that your product or service is in demand. Then you use the feedback from the quiz questions within your webinars to help refine and strengthen the connection your product or service has to the solution your ideal clients are searching for.

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When it comes to your webinars, you can talk about the highlights and feedback from your workshops or 5 say challenges to help strengthen your product or service messaging. When you talk about your other ideal client’s success stories, this helps you to sell without coming across as sleazy. When you show feedback from happy ideal clients, it strengthens your features and benefits without seeming like you are bragging.

When you are on a webinar and move the discussion to talk about how other ideal clients have benefitted from your help on your workshops or challenges, and how they have achieved amazing results, your new sales leads will see this as you being an authority. Which means they don’t see you as being salesy or pushy, instead they will simply want to achieve similar results and share the same success as your ideal clients have.

Your advertising, social media posts, and blogs are all connected to drive traffic over to your eBook opt-in page. Your opt-in page will be optimised with your ideal client’s feedback so it converts your traffic into interested email subscribers. Then when they land on your eBook delivery landing page to download your eBook, you can add in your latest webinar replays. This strengthens and increases the conversion across to your webinars, workshops or into your courses where you can create a series of short videos that motivate your ideal clients to contact you. All of this helps your ideal clients become pre-sold on how beneficial it is to talk with you on a live basis. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get them into your social community, either via a LinkedIn group or a private Facebook group.

This way you can continue to interact with them regularly because they will receive all of your emails and any messages that you post into the groups. Which means when you send out an email invitation to your next live webinar, workshop or challenge they will be more likely to register and attend.

The more sales leads you to get to attend your webinars and workshops, the more sales you are going to make.

An online course becomes yet another business asset which creates revenue for you on autopilot but only when it’s exactly what your ideal clients want and need. Which is why your social posts, blogs, advertising, lead magnets, webinars and workshops become a critical component within your content funnel.

The biggest mistake you can make when creating an online course is to do it without first talking to your ideal clients and finding out what they want. Even though you have a good idea of what they need and want, you still have to run it past them to make sure they are prepared to purchase it. When you can ask your community – what do you want? What are your biggest problems? And what do you need to help you get the results you are searching for?

That’s when you can use their answers to create the perfect tutorial that is focused around exactly what they want and need.

This type of repurposing is so easy and fast to do because we have already created your content in Step 1. In Step 2 you become familiar with doing webinars and workshops, so all you are doing is repurposing those recordings and posting them into your lead magnet delivery page.

This is how you add credibility to your lead magnet and instantly strengthen its conversion to generate more sales. Repurposing content is a huge time saver with benefits for SEO, reach, and much more. Each webinar can lead to dozens of pieces of content for YouTube, LinkedIn, emails and your website.

So as long as you focus on adding value to your original content, your repurposing efforts will be successful.

This Blog is part of our SEO Content Creation Prospectus Guide – Click to get the full guide:

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There will always be a percentage of ideal clients who enter into your sales funnel and make a faster purchasing decision. This is why we make sure every email and lead magnet provides a direct path to contacting you. When your ideal client is ready to make a purchasing decision, it is important to make it easy for them to either call you or click a button to contact you directly and arrange a meeting.

The objective is to make sure your content always stays relevant to your ideal clients end desired results. Your ideal client will have a problem and they will be searching for a solution. When your product or service content provides the research they need, they will continue to consume your content and make a much faster purchasing decision.

Now that you have an established content funnel that is filling up with ideal clients who are interested in your product or service, it becomes so much easier to sell your online tutorials.

Your online courses simply use the same content that was created within your ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ and ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’ in Step1, thus making it fast to create. All you will need to do is include any additional content that your community provided you with when you asked for their feedback.

That way you are delivering a course that is exactly what they want and you are generating a new revenue stream on autopilot. Your online courses are a great way to prove that you are an expert within your field of expertise. It also helps to build relationships, trust and authority. Which makes it easier to get your ideal clients on a call with you to convert them into ideal buying clients.

When you build a community it is important to make sure you are interacting with them to stay at front-of-mind when it comes to making a purchasing decision. This means you need to have call-to-actions spread throughout your entire content funnel.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for your calls-to-action. Effective calls-to-action (CTAs) are complex because you’ve got multiple ideal clients looking at your website, who are all at different stages of their purchasing decision journey and you want each one to take different actions.

And once all of your lead generation and lead nurturing is done, you want to get down to business and turn your ideal clients into ideal buying clients.

This type of CTA will be very sales-focused: you want to get your potential ideal clients to want to buy your product or service right here, right now.

This is why we show you how to use smart CTAs at the end of your blog posts, lead magnets and webpages.

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