This blog covers Step 3 Journey and is part 6 in a series of 9.

With all 20 calls to actions or conversion focal points working together in perfect synchronicity, your customer purchasing decision journey content funnel has covered everything that is required to convert your interested email subscribers into consistent, predictable and profitable sales.

It’s important to understand that even though this all sounds like a lot of pieces to the puzzle, it is not as complicated as it may seem. This is just a series of logical steps that all work together and form the perfect content funnel.

This content funnel gets created within Step 1 and Step 2 so there is nothing for you to do. All of your content has already been created and the analytics are all in place, so all you are really doing is managing it all with a simple ‘Funnel Tracker Chart’.

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LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Analytics are all really easy tools to use that each offers their own set of easy to use analytics. There is a reason why these companies are so huge and successful. They make their platforms easy to learn and easy to use. When you learn how to use them in the correct way, everything falls into place and that’s what we teach you or we can do it all for you.

Convert Your Interested Email Subscribers Into Consistent, Predictable and Profitable SalesIf any of these points are causing a blockage, you can make the necessary changes to your content until it unblocks.

That’s how you leverage a 1 to many framework that generates a consistent and predictable flow of highly qualified sales leads that can be converted into profitable sales.

As a business owner, you need to make sure your conversion focal points are working in perfect synchronicity, otherwise, you are failing to plan and planning to fail…

And that’s because a content funnel is only as good as it’s content and conversion focal points.

Which means you need to have the ability to measure your content at each conversion point, so you can make the necessary changes that ensure you are converting at the highest percentages.

Convert Your Interested Email Subscribers Into Consistent, Predictable and Profitable SalesYou need a purpose built online content framework that uses an ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ strategy, allowing you to create, implement, optimise and automate the most critical component of your business – Generating New Sales Leads!

By taking this structured content approach it will make your life so much easier than figuring it all out on your own.

It doesn’t matter what shape and size your company is, you are going to benefit from this strategy, especially if you really need new sales for your business.

Hopefully, you can now see that a content funnel is the most efficient way of creating a leveraged 1 to many framework that actually generates highly qualified sales leads that convert into ideal clients.

Learn how to leverage a 1 to many mutli-content driven marketing strategy.content creation saving you time money and effort

If any of your 20 x conversion focal points fail, if just one link breaks in the chain, your whole content funnel starts to fail. That’s why every one of these 20 conversion focal points needs to be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

Allowing you to build ‘ONE’ bulletproof strategy and ‘ONE’ disciplined execution plan.

Eventually, your conversions will reach an acceptable level, which means all you need to do it check in once a month to make sure nothing has broken. This is where you simply need to focus on doing the activities that help increase the traffic flowing into your content funnel and running the webinars or workshops that help build your community.

Sales is a numbers game and a conversion game. Your content funnel will help you achieve the numbers and increase conversions.

We know you are a busy business owner who needs to be talking with new sales leads and converting them into ideal buying clients. That’s why we have created the entire customer purchasing decision journey content funnel for you.

Convert Your Interested Email Subscribers Into Consistent, Predictable and Profitable SalesSo you can feel secure in the knowledge that all of your content is in your own words and will cover all of the messaging you want to deliver. Then your blogs and social posts are created. Your three different leads magnets are created so your sales funnel starts building your community on autopilot.

All you need to do is monitor and make any necessary changes that help increase your conversions. As a business owner that is exactly what you should be using your time doing, leveraging a 1 to many model that allows you to increase the number of people you are talking to and doing the work that helps increase the conversions into ideal buying clients.

To make all of this easily achievable and to help you launch faster I have created 3 levels of memberships.

The first membership level is the Starting level, where you get exclusive access to the online modules that contain all of the videos and documents you will require to achieve results.

These tutorial videos help explain everything you need to know about creating your ‘SEO Content Creation MAP’ and then your ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’.

These are the two main parts that build the foundation of your entire content funnel. As I have mentioned, you also get access to the LIVE online walkthrough webinars that are designed to answer questions and avoid any delays.

I will step you through the entire process and offer guidance to make sure you can’t make any mistakes.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you simply hand in your answers and we create all of the content you will require.

It’s as simple as that…

Then we have an Expanding membership level that adds in additional content and support. In this level, you get ‘Hot Seat’ access within the LIVE webinars, which means we do a live audit of your work and provide feedback as if you were a ‘1 to 1 Client’.

We also provide you with additional SEO webpages and Lead Magnets so that you can really dominate your market and get your product or service in front of more ideal clients.

Convert Your Interested Email Subscribers Into Consistent, Predictable and Profitable SalesThe more ideal clients consuming your content, the more sales you will make.

Which leads me onto the final membership level which is the Investing
Level, that has everything you need to 10x your business.

This is where we work with you on private 1 to 1 Zoom calls until the entire content funnel is complete. This is a more expensive method but you get to achieve faster results because we will be your accountability buddy, pushing you to get it done and start making more sales faster.

This is a popular model for busy business owners who need someone else doing their work so they can earn more money faster…

We help you build a fully SEO optimised content marketing strategy that attracts and converts your ideal clients into sales, find out how:

content creation

content creation saving you time money and effort



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