We interview you and use your answers to produce high-quality content that helps you increase your organic search ranking

blog creation

Your answers are combined together to create social media posts, blog posts, press releases, eBooks, webinars, workshops, online courses, email campaigns, YouTube videos and much more.

The Growth Funnel Journey uses the content we create for you to generate GROWTH for your business through social media activity, it then converts your traffic into interested email subscribers with the use of lead magnets. Then it uses a Sales FUNNEL to deliver your content in such a way that it builds trust, relationships and proves that you are an authority within your chosen field of expertise. It uses your content to help influence your customers buying JOURNEY so you can get them on a call and convert them into ideal buying clients.

To generate this content, we interview you and use your answers to build Blogs, Social Media posts, Lead Magnets, Website pages, Email campaigns, Webinars, 5 Day Challenges and online courses.

We schedule and drip feed your social media posts across all of your platforms to drive traffic back to your blogs. We use your blogs to encourage your traffic to click onto your Lead Magnets where they provide you with their email and become interested email subscribers.

Once you start generating a growing list of interested email subscribers on autopilot, we use your Email campaigns, Online Courses, Webinars and 5 Day Challenges to get you in front of them so you can convert them into ideal buying clients.


  • 22 x Blogs

  • 122 x Social Media Posts

  • 1 x e-Book Lead Magnet

  • 1 x Webinar Lead Magnet

  • 1 x 5 Day Challenge Lead Magnet

  • 61 x Emails

  • 62 x YouTube Video Scripts

  • 1 x Google Analytics Tag Manager

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What We Can Do For You:

Step 1 – GROWTH:

blog creation

Stand Out in a Crowded Space

We start with the ‘SEO content creation MAP’ that outlines what your content is going to be entered on. Then we interview you with the ‘SEO content creation questionnaire’ and your work is complete. We go away and do the rest.

Once you’ve achieved step 1, you are ready to create your content that converts your sales leads into ideal buying clients…

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Step 2 – FUNNEL:

content creation for social media

How to Build, Grow and Monetise Your Digital Community

We create your lead magnets that convert your traffic into interested email subscribers. Then deploy a unique LinkedIn sales strategy that attracts your ideal clients into your content funnel. We use advertising on Google, YouTube and Facebook to open up the flood gates and generate consistent traffic.

Once you’ve achieved step 2, you are ready to input your content into your custom built sales funnel…

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Step 3 – JOURNEY:

content creation for social media

Scaling, Streamlining and Creating Sustainability with your Product or Service

This is where we use online courses to build trust, strengthen relationships and prove you are an authority within your field of expertise. We make the necessary iterations that help increase your conversion percentages and get your content converting at its full potential.

Once you’ve achieved step 3, you will have 3 very powerful Lead Magnets that will help you become an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

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We know you don’t have the time to do all of this!


We interview you and use your answers to build all of your content…

blog creation

We create your blogs and upload them – we create your social posts and schedule them – we create your emails and put them into your autoresponder – we do it all…

When you combine your Content Foundation and Content Creation with your Content Consistency you achieve business GROWTH and that’s because you start converting more sales leads into sales.

When you combine your Lead Magnet, Email Marketing with your Advertising – you achieve an automated marketing FUNNEL that converts your sales leads into sales.

When you combine your Community with your Call To Actions and leverage a 1 to many marketing model, you will be able to highlight the key emotional selling triggers that helps influence your ideal clients buying JOURNEY.

FACT: Your Business Needs To Consistently Deliver Content 


Being consistent with your blog content production schedule can be very challenging, and doing it all yourself can end up costing you a lot of time, resources and productivity. By being consistent, you become more recognisable, trustworthy, and reliable to your audience. It will allow you to create and maintain a relationship with new and existing customers.

Content Foundation
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Content Foundation

The first step within ‘GROWTH’ is all about getting everything ready for when you create your content and launch. It is important that you have all of your social media platforms optimised and with the same keywording, images and product or service messaging. You will be using all of your social platforms to attract your ideal clients into your business and then depending on which one they hang out on the most, that is where they will see your consistency with your posting and messaging.

Blog Creation for Social Media

The second step of ‘GROWTH’ is blog creation for social media. We understand that content is the achilles heal of nearly every business. Your content needs to be in context to your product or service solution. It needs to help your ideal client achieve the solution they are searching for. Which means it needs to influence their purchasing decision journey.

Content Creation
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Content Consistency

Content Consistency

The final step of ‘GROWTH’ is your content execution. When it comes to your Content Execution – it only works when the right people see the right posts, at the right time and that’s why so many marketers struggle with this. You also can’t assume that your target ideal client only uses one particular social platform. Which means getting your content noticed requires eye-catching subject matter and imagery. You will need to use headings and photos that grab the attention of your ideal clients within your social media posts and blogs, regardless of the platform.

Lead Magnet

The first step within ‘FUNNEL’ is all about getting your ideal clients email address with the help of your lead magnets. The online marketing landscape is changing at a rapid pace and the only way to stand out and get noticed is to get your product or service content in front of your ideal clients. Then you need to make sure they consume your content and get to know, Like and Trust you. This is why you need three different lead magnets all working together to help attract your ideal clients into your sales funnel and help you build trust, relationships and authority.

Lead Magnet
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Interested Email Subscribers
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Interested Email Subscribers

The second step within ‘FUNNEL’ is all about getting your product or service message in front of the best sales leads or potential ideal clients. One of the core objectives is to attract your ideal clients into your business, and use your lead magnets to convert them into interested email subscribers. Which means you will need an email autoresponder and a series of email campaigns. Your emails play a significant role in building relationships and strengthening your trust.


The final step of ‘FUNNEL’ is your advertising. Your advertising will drive more traffic into your social media posts blogs, lead magnets and online courses. It will find your ideal clients and get them clicking over to your content. It will increase the conversion of your highly qualified sales leads into interested email subscribers. It will help you leverage a 1 to many model so you can generate a consistent and predictable monthly revenue for your business. We have created all of your information within Step 1 ‘GROWTH’, which means all you need to do now is focus on your advertising to increase the amount of ideal clients joining your community.

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The first step within ‘JOURNEY’ is all about converting your community into profitable sales. Now that you are attracting a lot of traffic into your content and building a community of highly qualified sales leads, it’s time to strengthen your authority by proving you are an expert within your industry. Which means your content will filter out the time wasters and tire kickers, leaving you with a growing community or ideal clients who are interested in purchasing your product or service.

Call To Actions

The second step within ‘JOURNEY’ is all about getting your ideal clients to take actions that make them consume your content, attend your webinars and getting on a call with you to convert them into ideal buying clients. Without a continuous flow of different call to actions, your content marketing efforts amount to little more than writing exercises. It’s not enough to publish useful information; you want your ideal clients to engage with you and take an action that will provide value for your business.

Call to Actions
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Consistent, Predictable, Sales
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Consistent, Predictable, Sales

The final step of ‘JOURNEY’ is all about using your content to generate a consistent, predictable flow of highly qualified sales leads who can be converted into ideal buying clients…Now that you have completed the content curation map, answered the content curation questionnaire, created the 20 x blogs and 200 x social media posts, started building awareness and becoming visible to your ideal clients, started advertising and remarketing, converting your traffic into interested email subscribers through your different lead magnets and started building trust and relationships, you are now on your way to generating profitable sales.

Personal Message from me:

There’s a small chance that you’ve never dealt with me or my company before. So you may not be aware of my amazing support desk and customer care policies. If that’s the case, let me set your mind at ease. You can always contact me to discuss your customised sales funnel. I will be here to help guide and support you throughout the entire process. We are using the exact same customised sales funnel for our business, so we know exactly what you are going through within each of the elements. So if you have any questions, drop me an email or lets arrange a call and discuss them.
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