I’ve taken a very complex sales funnel structure and broken it down into 3 simple and easy to follow steps. By separating the sales funnel into 3 steps I have reduced the risk of failure and built in a proof of concept model.

This means you do not need to take on all 3 steps and 28 focal points at once.

You simply start with Step 1 and generate the proof that a Lead Magnet can attract new Sales Leads into your business. Then you use your Lead Magnet Journey to measure if your cold sales leads are consuming your Lead Magnet content and converting into warm sales leads. Step 1 has 12 unique conversion focal points that are directly related to the success of your overall sales funnel.

These 12 conversion focal points represent the main parts within Step 1 that are responsible for the success or failure of creating, implementing, optimising and automating the most critical component of your business – your Sales Lead Generation!

You need to prove that Step 1 is working

To get the proof that your sales funnel is attracting sales leads and converting them into ideal clients, you will need to measure and take control of each conversion focal point. To do this effectively and efficiently, I have provided you with a separate Funnel Tracker system for each of the 3 steps that makes it very easy to take a look at each conversion focal area and score it so that you know exactly what success looks like.

You can’t know what success looks like until you know how to measure it.

Taking the guesswork out of your success

There is no point moving onto Step 2 or Step 3 if you do not have the proof that Step 1 and its 12 conversion focal points are working in perfect harmony.

Within Step 1 each of its conversion focal points help you to make sure that your sales funnel is always running at its peak performance. If your conversions start to lower, you can use the Step 1 funnel tracker to know exactly where to look and fix it. Therefore taking the guesswork out of your success and allowing you to fix any conversion problems before they affect your sales lead generation.

If you see your sales lead generation slowing down, you simply get your Step 1 funnel tracker and go through each conversion focal point. You will instantly see if something has changed. If it has, you make the necessary changes and monitor until you are back on track.

This is what separates the Growth Funnel Journey from other sales funnels. By splitting the Growth Funnel Journey into 3 Steps, I have been able to significantly reduce the initial setup investment. Step 1 not only simplifies and speeds up the integration of a sales funnel into your business but it reduces the risk of wasting a lot of time and money setting up a sales funnel that fails.

As soon as you have the proof that these 12 conversion focal points are working in perfect harmony, you can move onto Step 2 and start expanding your sales funnel with confidence that it’s going to provide your business with a profitable return on investment.

It’s only as strong as its weakest link

If you think of your sales funnel as a chain, it’s only going to be as strong as its weakest link. Which means that each link of your growth funnel journey chain needs to be monitored and maintained so its performing at its maximum strength. Each of  these links are your conversion focal points.

And within every Conversion Focal Point there are a set of specific goals to measure your conversions against, a set of Key Performance Indicators to make sure you are converting at the highest percentage possible, a set of Risk Assessments to make sure the conversions are making you money and a set of conversion objectives to stay sharp and laser focused.

And all of them are closely managed within the simple to follow Funnel Tracker system.

At the end of the day, this is your business and you are implementing a sales funnel in parallel to your existing sales and marketing model. Which means you are adding in 12 new variables and all 12 bring new risks. So it’s just common sense to have a system in place to minimise that risk and instead turn these 12 variables into 12 points that increase your conversions and help you succeed.

These are the 12 pieces to the puzzle that when put together, helps to make it all work and convert at its highest percentages.

And the result is, your sales funnel becomes an amazing asset for your business, that generates consistent, predictable and profitable sales.

Anytime you attempt to scale your business through a sales funnel, to break out of your current business limitations, you’re going to have to take on some new risk.

But don’t worry. I’m not talking about buying lottery tickets here. These are calculated risks that are constantly monitored within specific conversion focal points of your sales funnel and they are specific areas that will scale your business.

It’s also very similar to running an expensive high performance car. It’s been manufactured and designed to run at its highest performance. Every component of that car has been carefully manufactured to perform at its highest efficiency. Which means you need to maintain that car on a regular basis and swap out anything that shows a sign of wear and tear, otherwise it could start losing performance or even cause a major disaster that ends up costing you a fortune to fix.

Well, believe it or not, a sales funnel is no different, and that’s why we take outr time and start with Step 1. Then we use the Funnel Tracker to monitor every link of your sales funnel to make sure it’s running efficiently and allowing you to replace any link that is showing wear and tear.

That way you can take smart risks that are necessary for high performance scale.

Once you are satisfyed that Step 1 is performing and you have the proof that your sales funnel is generating your business new sales leads, then you

So let’s have a quick look at Step 1’s Conversion Focal Points:

1 = Your One Thing

Task: Define your One Thing product or service which will define you as the authority in your chosen niche.

Test: Research and prove that there is demand for your One Thing product or service within your niche.

Proof: Place a Facebook/ LinkedIn advert and see if anyone clicks on it.

2 = Your Ideal Client

Task: Define your Ideal Client (Avatar) so you can create an opt in and lead magnet that will attract them into your Growth Funnel Journey.

Test: Define an ideal client and all of their characteristics. Go into competing online groups and read all the comments to see if they are your target market. 

Proof: Talk to real people and validate your decision.

3 = Opt-In Landing Page

Task: Map out your One Thing product or service main trigger topics and list the top 3 features and benefits that will attract your sales leads to your Lead Magnet and convince them to give you their email address.

Test: If your cold sales leads are entering their email to receive your Lead Magnet, then you are onto a winner.

Proof: You should be converting around 35% of visitors who land on your Lead Magnet Opt-In Landing Page.

4 = Lead Magnet

Task: Make sure your One Thing product or service provides the perfect transformation to your ideal clients SPECIFIC problem (Point A.) Build the perfect Lead Magnet to start attracting and building a community of like minded people all searching for the same results.

Test: Link your One Thing and your common topics to the GAIN state (Point B) of your sales leads and future pace them with your features and benefits.

Proof: Analyse how long your sales leads are consuming your Lead Magnet content. If they are are watching or reading to the end then you know your Lead Magnet is successful.

5 = Email Marketing

Task: Integrate your content into every email so that each time your sales leads opens an email they get huge value and learn something new about you and your One Thing product or service.

Test: Make sure all of your emails add value and are integrated into your core content and are helping your sales leads take small logical steps along your journey.

Proof: Look at your open % rates and click on link rates. If your sales leads are opening your emails and clicking on your links – you are successful.

6 = Lead Magnet Journey

Task: You want this content to resonate with your cold sales leads and prove to them that you know how to take them from a PAIN state (Point A) to their desired GAIN state (Point B) and ultimately help them to achieve their end desired result and become a better version of themselves.

Test: Create Lead Magnet Journey content that future paces your sales leads so they gain a deeper understanding of the WHY your One Thing product or service will transform them away from their PAIN state and towards their desired GAIN state and ultimately help them to become a better version of themselves.

Proof: Look at your analytics and see if your sales leads are opening emails, clicking on links, consuming your content and watching all of your videos. If they are, then you have a list of warm sales leads who are ready to purchase your products or services.

7 = Social Media Advertising

Task: Decide on the ultimate End Desired Result they wish to achieve so that your One Thing can help them to become a better version of themselves and use a Heading, Text and an Image to capture their attention to get that click.

Test: Research social media platforms and find examples of others doing something similar.

Proof: Run your own ad on facebook to see if anyone clicks.

8 = Social Media Publishing

Task: This is where you start repurposing your content on all other social media platforms to find out which ones your sales leads are hanging out on.

Test: Research social media platforms and start posting and advertising.

Proof: Monitor your analytics on the different platforms to see if anyone clicks.

9 = Strategy Call

Task: This is where you get your sales leads to jump on a call and go through a set amount of questions to gain the knowledge and confirm if they are the right fit for your product or service.

Test: Depending on their answers to your questions you decide if you can help them or not.

Proof: If you are getting your sales leads booking these call with you, then you know that your lead magnet journey is working.

10 = Product or Service

Task: This is where you need to get your action taker sales leads purchasing your one thing product or service to gain the proof needed to confirm that there is demand for your one thing product or service.

Test: You need to make sure your call to actions are working with your emails and webinars.

Proof: If you are getting sales then you have the proof required to move onto Step 2.

11 = Bridge Webinar Series

Task: Build the Bridge Webinar will prove that you are a human who is accountable, honest, approachable and willing to do what it takes to support and guide other humans to true transformation and produce actual results.

Test: Create a series of webinars based around your one thing product or service and use a strong call to action to jump on a strategy call or purchase your product or services.

Proof: Analyse your open rates and registration rates. Measure how many sales leads attend your webinars and as the numbers increase – so will your sales.

12 = Facebook Group

Task: You need to create a private place where you can easily contact your community on a regular basis and Facebook is the easiest place to do this. 

Test: Send messages and run some facebook lives and see if you can get your community to watch and respond.

Proof: If you community starts watching and interacting with you, then you know that you are starting to build trust, authority and relationships.



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