We create your lead magnets to generate new sales – Step 2

When someone finds your lead magnets and provides you with their email address to consume your content, relationships starts to build. Once that happens, it’s the perfect time to ask for a Sale.

Within Step 2 you will discover the framework that uses your content to generate sales.

Find Out How We Transform Your Product or Service Into Content That Gets Your Ideal Clients Consuming Your Content and Getting To Like You…

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We use your Master Content SEO Document’ to create 3 different lead magnets that use email campaigns to convert your website traffic into ideal buying clients.

Your lead magnets content is the essential element that makes everything fall into place. It’s where you present an all-inclusive laser focused solution that is exactly what your ideal clients are searching for.

Consistent SEO content-driven traffic is the most effective, dependable type of filtered traffic that you will ever get. The ideal clients who find you when they are looking for products or services that solve their current problems are going to be the easiest to convert into ideal buying clients. Especially after they have read your blogs, consumed your Ebook and jumped onto a webinar or completed one of your workshops.

People buy from people they know, like and trust. Instead of just having an email list of strangers, you use your webinars and workshops to build a community of highly qualified sales leads. Your fast action takers will purchase from you immediately and your slower ideal clients will stick around and purchase from you eventually.

This is what you get:

  • 2 x 2 Hour – Lead Magnet – eBook Calls

  • 2 x 1 Hour – Lead Magnet – eBook Cover Calls

  • 1 x Lead Magnet – eBook

  • 1 x Lead Magnet Optin Page

  • 1 x Lead Magnet Delivery Page

  • Email Autoresponder Optin connection

  • 2 x Templated Lead Magnet Email Campaigns

  • 1 x Templated Lead Magnet Webinar

  • 1 x Templated Lead Magnet Challenge

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Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What We Can Do For You:

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The 3 Types of Lead Magnets

The reason why we use three different types of lead magnets is to make sure your customer purchasing decision journey sales funnel has the best chance of succeeding. Each lead magnet is strategically positioned within your customer purchasing journey to make sure your ideal client continues to consume your content and convert into an ideal buying client.

Lead Magnet Positioning

Each of the three lead magnets are strategically placed within your customer purchasing decision journey sales funnel and each have a strategic role to play to help increase its overall conversion percentage. In step 1 your content map and interview questionnaire creates your blogs and social media posts. This same content will be used to create all three lead magnets allowing you to stay consistent with your messaging. Which means if your ideal client reads one of your blogs, downloads your eBook or attends a webinar, they will always learn the same logical steps that get them the solution they are searching for.

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Lead Magnet Content

We all know about the many amazing benefits of blogging, social media posting, creating actionable content, creating YouTube videos and other forms of content marketing. But one of the hardest parts is actually finding the time to sit down, write, film, and create content! In today’s busy workplace, the quantity of work that needs to be completed and the speed at which we have to do it, is far greater than it was just a few years ago. We need new tools and systems that help us. Or in this scenario, you need us to do all the work for you. That’s why we created a signature content creation interview system that provides an outstanding framework for managing time and maximising content creation.

Step 2
Interested Email Subscribers

The second step within ‘FUNNEL’ is all about getting your product or service message in front of the best sales leads or potential ideal clients. One of the core objectives is to attract your ideal clients into your business, and use your lead magnets to convert them into interested email subscribers. Which means you will need an email autoresponder and a series of email campaigns. Your emails play a significant role in building relationships and strengthening your trust.

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Email Campaigns

Email marketing provides an incredibly high ROI, it helps to influence your ideal clients purchasing behaviours, and there are billions of email users and it’s consistently growing, so email is not going away. To help increase open rates your emails need to be personalised, they need to be mobile friendly and it helps to add video to them as well. Which means as soon as you start collecting email addresses you will need an email autoresponder. Not only does this allow you to have an opt-in section where your ideal clients can enter their name and email address but it allows you to send out emails on a regular basis.

Lead Magnet OptIn Page

An optin landing page is a dedicated web page on your website that is created as a destination for your ideal clients to be able to enter in their name and email address to achieve an end desired result. A landing page focuses on a single purpose, like promoting your webinar, offering your free ebook or a 5 day workshop, and it encourages people to take action. It’s a lead generation tool, encouraging people to provide their email address in exchange for the offer you’re promoting.

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Lead Magnet Delivery Page

Your lead magnet delivery page is prime real estate. Your ideal client has just entered their email address and have been transferred across to this page, therefore they are expecting the content that was promised. Which means you have their full attention which is a rare occurrence and needs to be used to your advantage. This is why we create three different lead magnet delivery pages so each one can deliver a unique offering. The objective here is to not only deliver the promised lead magnet but to promote your product or service and deliver a call to action that will provide the next logical step in their purchasing decision journey.

Step 3

The final step of ‘FUNNEL’ is your advertising. Your advertising will drive more traffic into your social media posts blogs, lead magnets and online courses. It will find your ideal clients and get them clicking over to your content. It will increase the conversion of your highly qualified sales leads into interested email subscribers. It will help you leverage a 1 to many model so you can generate a consistent and predictable monthly revenue for your business. We have created all of your information within Step 1 ‘GROWTH’, which means all you need to do now is focus on your advertising to increase the amount of ideal clients joining your community.

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Your ideal clients are deeply curious, searching high and low for information about a product or service before making a purchase. You should never make an educated guess about your product or service when you first take it online with a sales funnel. It’s basic economics. The most successful businesses are those who offer solutions where there is already demand. Without demand, there are no sales. The goal here is to use your analytics to make the necessary changes that consistently increase the conversion percentages of every part of your sales funnel.

Advertising Strategy

When it comes to your advertising we focus on three core platforms, Google for keyword search traffic, LinkedIn for very focused ideal client attraction and Facebook for general awareness. These platforms combined will have all of your ideal clients within them which means you can fill your sales funnel up with highly qualified sales leads that can easily be converted into profitable sales.

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Retargeting and Lookalike Audiences

The core benefit of using Google, LinkedIn and Facebook for your initial advertising campaigns is they all offer the greatest coverage and unique tracking pixels. These tracking pixels add a piece of script called a tag to each person who lands on your blogs, or website pages. Then it collects these people and puts them into an audience which can be used to send different adverts to that ultimately help increase your conversions and lower your cost per click.


Your lead magnets highlight your ideal clients priorities, addresses their problems, and delivers the solution they are searching for. When your lead magnet attracts your ideal client, everything falls into place.

It’s a simple function of scale, volume and conversion. The more you leverage your time and get your product or service messaging in front of the right sales leads, the easier it becomes to convert those sales leads into ideal buying clients.

So we encourage you to take your FUNNEL very seriously

When you combine your digital marketing with your sales marketing you achieve business GROWTH and that’s because you start converting more sales leads into sales.

When you combine your sales marketing with your digital sales and marketing funnel – you achieve a highly converting FUNNEL that automates the conversion of your sales leads into sales.

When you combine your digital sales and marketing funnel with your overall digital marketing strategy – you leverage a 1 to many marketing model that highlights all the key emotional selling triggers that make up your ideal clients buying decision JOURNEY.

FACT: Your Business Needs Content



£720 Single Payment
  • 2 x 2 Hour – Lead Magnet – eBook Calls
  • 2 x 1 Hour – Lead Magnet – eBook Cover Call
  • 1 x Lead Magnet – eBook PDF
  • 1 x Lead Magnet Optin Page
  • 1 x Lead Magnet Delivery Page
  • Email Autoresponder Optin connection
  • Google Analytics, Tag Manager
  • 2 x Templated Lead Magnet Email Campaigns
  • 1 x Templated Lead Magnet Webinar
  • 1 x Templated Lead Magnet Challenge

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