Your Custom Built Sales and Marketing Digital Funnel

Hello and welcome to element 3, your digital sales and marketing funnel. This is where Element 1 and Element 2 come together and create your Growth Funnel Journey. In Element 1 we decided on the structure of your content and the subjects your content will be focused on. We then mapped out your customised Trojan Horse Lead Magnet and your Evergreen Lead Magnet Customer Journey. In Element 2 we decided on how to implement the emotional sales triggers that help to influence your sales leads buying journey and went through the two questionnaires that created all of your content.

Which means it’s time to create the framework for all of this to fit into, it’s time to create your Growth Funnel Journey.

Element 3 has its own set of 3 unique steps that builds your sales funnel that drives optimal visibility and demand through all your digital channels in order to maximise your revenue and profits from your Digital Marketing.

Even though there are 3 steps within Element 3, we sell them separately as to keep the pricing affordable and help save you from wasting any valuable time or money, because what’s the point of spending your whole marketing budget on a sales funnel that might not work?

This means we start with Step 1 and Step 2, so it allows us to test your content and make the necessary changes required to get it performing at its optimal conversion rate.

Once we have the proof that there is demand for your One Thing product or service and your content is converting, we provide you with the choice to expand your revenue potential by adding on the premium services. These premium services help you to implement additional transformation strategies that will generate a much higher return on your marketing investment. But only once you have completed steps 1 and 2, and that’s because your sales funnel will be optimised and ready for you to take your online digital business to a whole new level.

Element 3 and its 3 Steps:




This is a 3 step system which helps you take your product or service out to the world so you can attract new sales leads and convert them into ideal buying clients.

It takes advantage of the tools that are readily available and easy to use. What used to take 3 months and $10k in development, can now be done in literally 15 minutes.

This sales funnel system is affordable, fast to implement and when it comes to the actual technical side, I have the whole sales funnel system already built for you, which means you have no excuses, it’s ready and waiting for you, with fully tested and proven sales funnel page templates, lead magnet design templates, email sequences, social media post templates, blog templates, webinar templates and I walk you through the whole system live on my webinars as you follow step by step. Making it a paint by numbers integration into your own business.

When you have that level of accountability and simplicity, you know that you will be able to implement a sales funnel that generates a consistent, predictable and profitable revenue flow for your business.

It’s a proven system that uses the highest converting digital marketing techniques and it’s been consistently generating, predictable and profitable sales for our clients. The main point is – it’s a system – which means you can easily learn it, and quickly implement it.


Step 1 is all about using your Information to attract sales leads into your sales funnel.

Step 1


Focused on only ONE THING…

Step 1 uses 12 specific conversion focal points to track your sales leads as they move along your sales funnel. Allowing you to easily monitor your lead magnet, opt in pages, landing pages, email marketing, content consumption, social media activity, webinars and sales of your products or services.

The further they travel along these conversion focal points, the more proof you have that there is a demand for your products or services which means you know your sales funnel will achieve a return on your investment. This also provides you with the confidence to invest in your sales funnel because you know it’s going to be successful at generating new sales leads that convert into sales.


Core purpose:

Prove to yourself that your product or service is in demand.




Achieving a return on investment…

Now that you have created a successful sales funnel and have the proof that it’s successfully generating sales leads and they are consuming your information.

This is achieved by focusing on a new set of 8 conversion focal points that make selling your product or service and generating a Return On Your Investment achievable. This is how you generate a consistent, predictable and highly qualified flow of sales leads that can easily be converted into profitable sales.

When you get your sales leads purchasing more of your products or services, the community sees this and realises that you are trusted, they are more open to building longer term relationships and they instantly see you as the go to expert in your chosen niche.

You transform the balance away from your “old limiting” model of trading your time for money, to a leveraged 1 to many model that allows you to talk directly to thousands of sales leads in the same time it would normally take to just talk with one sales lead.

Core Purpose:

You have earnt the right to Transform your Sales Leads into Ideal Buying Clients.


Now is the perfect time to introduce new products or services that increase the amount of conversations you have with your sales leads and ideal clients.



It’s time to engage more on a LIVE basis with your community…

Now that you have a growing community, your sales funnel needs more dialogue, and less monologue. Step 3 offers the choice of 8 specific conversion focal points that provide more conversations.

And when I say conversations, I’m talking about giving your sales leads and ideal clients more of your personal experience, knowledge and time. This can be achieved by offering premium services that allow them to have exclusive access to you, so that you can fast track their end desired results and get them to point B faster.

It’s a simple numbers game, Step 1 and Step 2 combined, leverages an automated 1 to many sales funnel model that opens up the doors to limitless opportunity. Your community of like minded sales leads and ideal clients will be growing on a daily basis, and as the demand for your time exceeds supply, you get to pick and choose who you want to work with and be in a position of control.

Core Purpose:

This is when you focus on increasing the lifetime value of each client.


I believe in this so much that I have personally created you a short series of videos that introduces you to what we will implement into your business.

To survive in todays digital marketing world, you need direct-response copy that gets your sales leads taking specific, measurable actions that ultimately drive them to making a purchase. The Growth Funnel Journey provides you with proven techniques to writing copy that grabs attention, sets you apart, and helps you to SELL.

I want to help you take these new ideas and apply them to your digital marketing, so that you can create, implement, optimise and automate the most critical component of your business – Generating Sales Leads That Convert Into Sales!

The Growth Funnel Journey is an online digital business asset, that implements a 1 to many framework into your digital marketing strategy.

So, I encourage you to click the button below to gain instant access to more detail on these 3 essential elements. Have a look at everything we will do for you and your company and if it’s something of interest, then we can discuss it in more detail at a later date.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to connecting with you soon…

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