Facebook Advertising Made Simple

Facebook is probably the most neglected online advertising channel of them all.

I’m going to show you how to be successful with Facebook ads and walk you through setting up your first campaign without breaking a sweat.

Even if you’re a complete newbie, after completing this course, you’ll understand Facebook ads and be able to use them to attract a steady flow of ideal clients into your business.

Facebook Advertising Made Simple
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With approximately 45 million users in the UK alone, Facebook has cemented itself as the go to advertising platform for many businesses. Laser focused targeting, huge potential for reach and potentially offering a great return on investment make Facebook advertising a great option for many businesses when used well.

This Facebook Ads Course will show you how you can use information you already have to target exactly the people you want.:

  • Understand Ads Manager

  • Setting up your Facebook Pixel

  • Create Your Retargeting Audiences

  • Create Your Custom Audiences

  • Targeting Your Ideal Clients

  • Use Pre-built Ad Templates
  • Place Your Ad In 3 Steps

  • Easily Measure Your Ads

  • Make Simple Changes

  • Make More Sales

This course is for you if…

  • You are a small creative business

  • You’re sick of no-one seeing your posts

  • You’ve tried boosting posts before and it didn’t work

  • You feel that using Facebook Ads is just guesswork

  • You want to get maximum value for money from your advertising spend

You just want to reach your dream clients every time you advertise…


Are You Ready To Start Generating New Sales Leads For Your Business That Convert Into Profitable Sales?

If you want to get up and running with Facebook ads fast, this course covers everything you need to know

The course is designed to get you creating highly targeted audiences, enticing ad content and using the Facebook Ads Manager like a pro.

Goodbye to boosting posts. Hello dream clients.


It’s a simple function of scale, volume and conversion. The more you leverage your time and get your product or service messaging in front of the right sales leads, the easier it becomes to convert those sales leads into ideal buying clients.

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Facebook Advertising Made Simple Module 1
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Module 1: Getting Ready

We start with having a look at what you will be doing on the course. Once you see how easy it all is – you will be wondering why you havent been doing facebook ads for years…

Module 2: Understanding Ads Manager

Ads Manager is really easy when you use it correctly. This is where you place your Ads, where you measure them and where you make your changes.

cebook Advertising Made Simple Module 2
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Facebook Advertising Made Simple Module 3

Module 3: Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel

People think code is for geeks – but – you will find out how easy it is to copy and paste your Pixel into your own website…no technical knowledge required…

Module 4: Retargeting & Custom Audiences

This is where you will make all of your money. When you send an ad to someone who knows you and your brand – they are more inclined to click and buy from you. Then when you can get Facebook to find you more Ideal Clients – your sales start to grow…

Facebook Advertising Made Simple Module 4
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Facebook Advertising Made Simple Module 5
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Module 5: Audience Insights

When you want to do some investigation into your target audience – this is the place to start…

Module 6: Ad Templates

Don’t know what to write? try these 9 examples and your ad copy becomes easy. No more excuses, these templates will give you the inspiration you need.

Facebook Advertising Made Simple Module 6
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Facebook Advertising Made Simple Module 7
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Module 7: Placing Your Ad

This is where the magic starts – you place your first ad and launch…You will be attracting traffic to your website in minutes and your journey begins. The more traffic = the more sales…

Module 8: Measuring Your Ad

When you know what to look at – you know what to change – this is common sense. If your clicks are low – it’s time to make some simple changes…

Facebook Advertising Made Simple Module 8
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Facebook Advertising Made Simple Module 9
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Module 9: Increasing The Conversion Of Your Ad

Don’t stop there – make these 3 simple changes and you will consistently increase your sales. When you make a change and see that your traffic increases, it’s an amazing feeling. Be careful not get hooked! Remember: Better – Same – Worse

Facebook Advertising Made Simple

We have created 2 options to save you to make sure you get this done:


£97Single Payment
  • 10 x Modules
  • 16 x Easy To Follow Lessons
  • 1 to 1 Review Call
  • Email Support


£297Single Payment
  • 10 x Modules
  • 16 x Easy To Follow Lessons
  • Pixel Setup
  • Ideal Clent Audience Setup
  • Ad and Launch Setup
  • Measure and Change
  • 1 to 1 Review CAll
  • Email Support

Hello and welcome,

My name is Christian Fumic and I’m the owner of Fresnel Evergreen, which is a content creation agency that specialises in Facebook Ads.

This is how your business can reach its full potential and start generating a consistent, predictable and highly qualified flow of new sales leads that can be converted into profitable sales.