H2H or P2P Content

It’s not B2B or B2C – it’s now H2H or P2P

In our new digital media world, it’s no longer Business to Business or Business to Consumer – It’s becoming Human to Human or Person to Person. Which means you need to make sure your marketing has adopted this new style of creating Lead Magnets and Sales Funnels.

There is no distinction and there is no difference; your Sales Leads need to consume content that is from human to a human. In this section you will learn that it’s all about people talking to people (Sales Lead). Your business, your product or service, your Lead Magnet and your Sales Funnel has people behind it. You either own or work in a company that is full of people and if your company is selling to another companies, then you are dealing with people evry single day. Selling is all about human beings with a very specific need and you have a product or service that provides a solution to their need.

Be personal

Show that you relate to them

Let them know you care

Listen to your sales leads and understand their needs…

You are a human selling to another human

With the increase of artificial intelligence and outreach through technology, it is becoming more and more important to not lose sight of the fact that our customers are not just sales leads or mere representations of data and revenue numbers. They are, in fact, people just like us. When you start to break it down to that level you quickly realise that you are not just selling and creating sales copy; what you are really talking about is human relationships, human engagement and human involvement.

Even though we are talking about a lead magnet attracting traffic and converting traffic into interested email subscribers and then a sales funnel that converts cold sales leads into ideal buying, it is a relationship and there is a degree of human intimacy.

If you are going to convert a cold sales lead into a warm sales lead and then contact them directly to convert them into an ideal client, then you are going to need to create a digital customer buying journey for them to follow. The role of your Growth Funnel Journey is to move your sales leads seamlessly and subtly through each stage of your Growth Funnel Journey.

The value journey depends on a specific sequence

When you are crafting your content within each stage of the Growth Funnel Journey, you are not trying to make a fast sales but instead you’re trying to simply move your sales leads from one stage of the customer buying journey to the next stage. Depending on the stage, the sale may be the desired result but each stage has its own unique and very specific role to play. Each stage is designed to slowly transform a cold sales lead from a complete stranger to a warm sales lead. So now we are thinking about your customers sales journey as a before state and after state, from the context of relationship development. You simply leverage your product or service content at each and every stage of your sales funnel journey.

This customer journey has already been developed and built for you. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service in the world, because if you deliver it too early or if you deliver it too late, if it’s at the wrong point in time or if it’s in the wrong sequence, it’s simply not going to convert.
And, even if you have bad sales copy that’s delivered at the right point in time within the right sequence, it still won’t convert.

If you do want to be able to convert cold traffic into profitable sales, then you will need to have the right sales copy that uses emotional selling triggers to help influence your buyers journey. You need to deliver it within the perfect sales funnel structure and you will need to be a person talking to another person.

Solve their problems

Be empathetic

Understand your sales leads

Encourage learning, not just buying…

Tell a Story

People relate to experiences

Be conversational with your sales leads

Make people feel like they are a part of your community…

It’s all around us…

If you were to walk into a trendy bar in London and walk up to the first person who caught your attention and asked them to marry you and then follow with, by the way I have already picked out the names of our children, our house is ready and I know our relationship is already perfect because all the clothes I have purchased are in your size!

Now, this might sound really stupid and the odds of it working are incredibly low but a lot of corporate marketing is doing this exact same thing with their company homepage.

Hi, we have the perfect product, it has been created for you, we know it works, so buy it now…

Reading this, you should immediately understand why this type of sales approach no longer works.

That type of selling may seem logical but it has no sequence to it. If you want your cold sales leads to react positively to your product or service marketing, it will need to be at the right time, the right moment, with the right product or service messaging and that is best achieved via a lead magnet and sales funnel framework.
But at the same time you do not want to default to not making an offer and just giving away lots of value and sitting back waiting and hoping that someone will eventually buy something from you. No, that’s not how people work, that’s how you end up in the – friend’s zone. We see it in the movies all the time, Man meets woman, a friendship blossoms, man falls for woman, man tries to be the perfect friend, eventually the man asks woman on a date, there is an awkward silence, then comes – I just see you as a friend – Let’s not ruin what we have and just stay friends instead. This is called the friend’s zone!

Therefore if you give away value in the wrong way, your brand will drop into the friend’s zone and you will never convert cold prospects into sales leads.

Your Product or Service becomes the next logical step for your sales leads to take

The Growth Funnel Journey is always offering a call to action throughout Element 1 and as the relationship develops within Element 2, this call to action becomes the next logical step for your warm sales leads to take.

So to avoid asking your cold sales leads to marry you within the first few seconds of Element 1 or falling into the friend’s zone within Element 2, you will need to understand that there are very important stages of human intimacy. For example you can go right now and Google, 12 stages of intimacy by Desmond Morris.

Desmond was actually a zoologist studying animals and animal behaviour and some years ago he decided to study the human animal. And he specifically wanted to understand how human intimacy happened, how human relationships formed. If you think about it, this type of behaviour has kind of been around since Adam and Eve. This notion of people getting together and becoming intimate, it’s literally the reason why we all exist.

Even if you put it into a business perspective and think about your top client that provides the largest revenue for your company right now. There was a moment in time when you both had no idea who each other were and yet now you share a business relationship where you both mutually depend on each other to achieve the desired results.

Be authentic

Transparency and authenticity

Don’t try to hide things

With infinite information readily available, it’s nearly impossible to fool people…

Have fun with it

Have a personality

This is something humans can relate to

Win over your audience by adding humor to your marketing…

So how does this all apply to your Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel?

We all know that there are sales leads out there who don’t yet know you exist (because you don’t have The Growth Funnel Journey). They don’t know your product or service exists, they don’t know your brand exists, they don’t know you can take them from their current pain state (point A) to their more desired gain state (point B.) Yet there can be a moment when they are searching online and they find your Lead Magnet, that’s the first moment when they acknowledge you and start to engage with you. Then they provide you with their contact details in exchange for your Lead Magnet content. This means they have started to give you some of their time and eventually they become a sales lead who can be converted into an ideal client.

So how does this happen? Well, I believe that Desmond Morris laid this out perfectly and what he essentially found is that there are 12 stages of human intimacy. And it starts with the eye to body, so you see somebody across the room and check them out, then it’s eye to eye, you make eye contact and walk over to introduce yourself, and then its voice to voice, you start talking and it eventually progresses. I think we all know as adults where this eventually ends up!

Now before we get into the detail of these stages, you are probably going to recognise each stage and think that it’s very obvious and it makes sense that you meet a new sales lead and shake their hand (offer the Lead Magnet) and you get to know them (they enter into your sales funnel) before asking them to buy your product or service. But more importantly I want you to notice how significant each stage is in relation to the Growth Funnel Journey and how critical it is to do them in order. For example, stage 1 is eye to eye; you see a potential sales lead. Stage 2 is voice to voice; you start talking. Now if you jumped all the way to the end stages and asked for the sale – you would come across as too salesy and they would run away from you as fast as possible.

So when you realise how a relationship changes as it develops along the stages of your sales funnel

It begins to make logical sense that you need to follow the same rules.

Recognising these 12 stages is helpful but they actually highlight a significant point. While you could skip 1 stage and get away with it; if you skip more than 2 stages, it makes sense as to why Cold Calling no longer works when trying to find new business clients.

So it’s not necessarily all about your content, it’s also all about the sequence your deliver your content in.

Humans love what other humans love

They continue to promote you

Brand ambassadors

If a sale slead sees a customer raving about your product or service, there is a good chance they will look into your business…

Own up to any mistakes

People appreciate an apology

Humans make mistakes and so do marketers

It’s an opportunity to show you are human and make a stonger connection…

It’s about the sequence

It’s about the sequence of when and how you deliver your sales copy and that’s why the Growth Funnel Journey takes all of this into account. It knows when and where to deliver your content and how it’s going to be used. It uses different types of content within each of the 3 Elements. It uses your information within Step  1 of Element 3, where your cold sales leads are going to be seeing your product or service for the very first time. It will be their very first interaction with your brand so it will have completely different content when compared to Step 2 and Step 3. These steps will have advanced content because you will be further down the stages and therefore you can ask for more, your call to action will be much stronger. All of this changes because of the sequence.

So Desmond Morris gave us all the 12 stages of intimacy and what we found at Fresnel Evergreen is that we could ultimately reduce it down to 6 stages because the stages after 6 have no relevance to selling at all! You will understand what I mean if you Google them!

So let’s gain a deeper understanding of these 6 stages and how they are implemented within the Growth Funnel Journey:

#1 Eye to body

Attraction starts at first glance, and from there, anything can happen. At this first stage of intimacy, you’re summing up the person. You notice their height, weight, clothing, physique, and how they carry themselves. From here, you create your first impression of the person and you automatically make a decision about whether or not you like what you see.

Integrates into the Growth Funnel Journey and becomes:


You need to know exactly who your Ideal Client is so that you can target them with your product or service. Then you need to make sure you are using specificity to describe the One Thing that is at the forefront of their mind and is what they are searching for. That means there will be an attraction at first glance. Your Ideal Client will sum you up and create their first impression of your Lead Magnet. From there they will make a decision if your product or service is what they have been searching for.

#2 Eye to eye

So if you don’t like what you see, no biggie, you can turn your back and just get on with your life. Otherwise, you can move on to this stage, where you may try to be noticed. You may also find yourself staring until the other person feels your gaze and looks back at you. Here, your eyes may meet, and you will both see a spark that just might make you move on to the next stage.

Integrates into the Growth Funnel Journey and becomes:


This is where your sales lead first sees your ‘Lead Magnet’ (free Magazine or eBook guide.) If your sales lead decides to click on your advertising to learn more about your one thing product or service, they will land on your lead magnet opt in landing page. This is where you try to get noticed by providing images, headings, features and benefits, or a video of yourself. This will be the point where your sales lead will see if there is a spark of interest in your One Thing product or service and decide if they want to move on to the next step or just close the page and get on with their life.

#3 Voice to voice

There’s no other way to it, if you both find interest in each other, you’re going to have to speak to each other. Whether it’s a casual “hi” or a more detail conversation ending in an exchange of numbers, you can say that you have started a relationship at this step.
This is where you start to get to know each other better through communication. Since this step may take some time, it also includes other forms of exchanges such as emails, phone calls, texts, and instant messages. You might also go on a few dates during this step, creating an emotional bond or not. If you move too fast and try to create a physical bond before the emotional, it might end faster than it began!

Integrates into the Growth Funnel Journey and becomes:


This is when your sales lead has decided they are interested in your One Thing product or service content, so they enter their name and email to learn more. To consume your One Thing Lead Magnet, they had to provide you with their name and email address and enter into Step 1 of your sales funnel. They are now spending time reading, watching you, listening to you and learning from you. This is the very start of the business relationship and they have now become a cold Sales Lead. Now that you have their email address, you start to send emails and get to know each other through communication. This is their chance to get to know who you are and what you are about. You will be sending emails and offering your best content tips. You will be inviting them to talk with you live on webinars. You will be asking them questions to learn more about them. This is your chance to create the emotional bond and connect through your live webinars or blogs, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and all of your social platforms.

But if you start to move too fast and ask them to buy from you before creating any emotional bond, it might end faster than it began because they will simply leave and unsubscribe. Just because you have their email, it doesn’t mean anything. You still have more steps to complete, so take your time. This is a critical step in any relationship, if you move too fast, or set off too many red flags, it will be over before it even begins!

#4 Hand to hand

This stage of intimacy may start soon after the last stage has begun. This may be as simple as the other person’s reaching out to help you out of a car, or even just holding each other’s hands to make the other feel special. Still, this is your first physical, tactile contact together, and this crosses your personal space and creates a deeper sense of intimacy.

Integrates into the Growth Funnel Journey and becomes:


Now you are ready to offer your next logical step, your Lead Magnet Journey. It’s time to make your cold Sales Lead feel special. It’s time to cross into their personal space and create a deeper connection. This is where they are no longer a cold Sales Lead but instead have slowly become a warm Sales Lead. When they make the physical effort to join this stage they can now get to know you a lot more personally through videos and the exercises you provide. This is where your content makes them feel as if you are talking directly to them. You offer your best advice and forward pace them by showing how your One Thing product or service can take them away from their pain state and help them to achieve their desired gain state. You have now crossed into their personal space and have provided them with value and asked for nothing in return. For the first time they begin to trust you and understand that you can help them to become a better version of themselves.

But even this still does not mean you can jump to #5 and ask for the sale. You have one more step to go through to make sure they are ready to buy. Asking them to pay for something at this early step will create a pricing problem. You will be seen as too cheap or too expensive and they will compare you to other options. You still need a stronger emotional connection.

#5 Hand to shoulder

This is a much closer intimacy, wherein one of you puts his or her arm around the other. This is highly intimate and invasive, yet if you already feel comfortable with your partner, this gesture is loving, welcoming, and even exciting. This stage of intimacy also comes after you are at ease with each other – perhaps you have the same goals and interests, and you find your relationship going somewhere, even short-term.

Integrates into the Growth Funnel Journey and becomes:


Now that your warm sales leads have been consuming your one thing product or service content, they will feel more comfortable with you and accept that you both share the same goals and interests. Which means you have earnt the right to ask for something in return.

You are now ready to present your first Call To Action. This is where you make your first invasive move (call to action) and ask them to jump on a Strategy Call to see if they are ready to purchase your product or service, to experience what you can do for them and how you can help them achieve their desired success and results. Because you have been patient and followed the natural intimacy stages in order, when you ask for a discovery call, it is no longer a cold call; it’s about the transformation and the end result. This makes your conversion start at a mutual benefit stage. It simulates a referral conversation where there is a level of pre-conceived trust due to someone referring you as the authority.

Then you offer your One Thing advice and support, show social proof that you are an authority in your chosen niche and can be trusted. This is your chance to show them your best selling points and take the relationship to the next level. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions and get feedback that can be used in #1 First Impressions and #2 Problem.

It’s time to start selling and achieve a return on your investement.

#6 Hand to waist

Reaching this stage in your relationship indeed makes a statement. This shows everyone else a closeness that not many other people can reach with you. This shows the world that you’re allowed to touch the other person in such a personal and intimate way. To both of you, this displays a physical comfort and understanding that goes beyond words, without necessarily being sexual.

Integrates into the Growth Funnel Journey and becomes:

#6 Hand to Call To Action

Now that you have a growing community of like minded warm sales leads, it’s time to offer all of the sales leads who have not purchased yet a chance to talk with you. This is done via live training bridge webinars where they can learn more about what you can do for them and how you can help them achieve their desired success and results.

This is also another great opportunity to ask more personal questions and use the feedback in #1 First Impression and #2 Problem. At the end of each webinar you ask them to purchase or book in a Discovery Call so you can convert them into an Ideal Buying Client.



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