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Finally, You’ll Have A Step-By-Step Plan For Generating New Sales Leads…

The Ultimate Guide to Your Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel Success

This is a complete ‘Done For You’ service for business owners wanting to outsource their Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel creation and start generating new sales.

The Growth Funnel Journey Introduction Course is full of insights and strategies for business owners, looking to hone their digital marketing strategy on the latest in lead magnet and sales funnel development.

Watch it now to build or refine your lead magnet and sales funnel strategy, write down your questions, and book your Audit and Mapping session call. The longer you take to book your call, the more sales leads you are missing out on.


Christian Fumic

My name is Christian Fumic and I’m the owner of Fresnel Evergreen and we help business owners generate consistent, predictable and highly qualified sales leads that can be converted into profitable sales.

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Look, It’s No Secret That The Best Marketing Tool That Ever Existed Is Word Of Mouth. Referrals Cost Nothing But You Shouldn’t Rely On Them As The Only Way To Grow Your Business.

Without new sales leads you can’t close new sales, and without closing sales you can’t win new customers. No matter what your business model, you still need to win new customers to grow and be successful.

  • GROWTH – When you combine your digital marketing with your sales marketing you achieve business GROWTH and that’s because you start converting more sales leads into sales.

  • FUNNEL – When you combine your sales marketing with your digital sales and marketing funnel – you achieve a highly converting FUNNEL that automates the conversion of your sales leads into sales.

  • JOURNEY – When you combine your digital sales and marketing funnel with your overall digital marketing strategy – you leverage a 1 to many marketing model that highlights all the key emotional selling triggers that make up your ideal clients buying JOURNEY.


We’ve all heard the expression that nothing in life is ever free. So what’s the catch? Everything in life must be paid for, in one sense or another, that is, whether through money or some other means (like work, sacrifice, pain, etc.).

Which clearly means there’s no way that all this high value content is absolutely free!

You got me. I do have an incentive to give you access to all this great content. It’s because I’m hoping you see the clear value that the Growth Funnel Journey provides to your business. It’s a complete Done For You service that builds a Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel that generates new sales leads for your business. And while you can remain an Introduction Course member for free, forever…

I’m definitely hoping that you take one more step towards the success of your business by jumping on an Audit and Mapping Session Call with us.

Until that day, I’m delighted to have you as a free member of the Growth Funnel Journey Introduction Course…

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FACT: You Need Your Own Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel

I’m not going to sell you on the importance of a Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel.

If you’re here, you already know it’s an essential aspect of any digital marketing strategy, because Lead Magnets attract new sales leads into your business and Sales Funnels convert them into profitable sales.

There was a time when having a simple lead magnet and sales funnel was enough, but today (if you actually want to convert cold sales leads into ideal buying clients) you need to do more.

So how do you do it?

How do you build a “Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel” that turns your product or service into a lean mean online selling machine?

Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re about to learn…


When you land inside this free Introduction Course I am going to introduce you to the 3 core elements that help you leverage a 1 to many marketing framework that generates a consistent, predictable flow of new sales leads who can be converted into profitable sales.

When you combine these 3 elements, your digital marketing will build more trust, authority and business relationships.

It engages and nurtures your sales leads by providing actual value as you deliver your content, and most importantly it enables your product or service to build long term profitable relationships.

Your lead magnet will deliver targeted traffic, your lead magnet customer journey will convert sales leads into ideal buying clients: The lifeblood of any business.

So that’s why you need to implement these 3 elements into your custom built Sales Funnel.

There’s just one problem: Most so-called “Lead Magnets and Sales Funnels” don’t work.

That’s where the Growth Funnel Journey comes in.

You’re going to get to start from tested and proven templates that work. And what’s more you’ll know exactly how to move your sales leads from a cold sales lead to warm sales lead and then into an ideal buying client. We will do all of the work on your behalf and all you need to do is answer the questions as we interview you and then sign off the final designs. We have eliminated all of the moving parts that cause unnecessary delays, time is money, the longer you wait to get this done, the more new sales leads you miss out on. So let’s get this done – Right Now!

Learn How To Start Generating New Sales Leads

Element 1 = Your Digital Marketing

Element 1 is all about focusing on your current digital marketing strategy and then planning the structure of your lead magnet, your lead magnet framework and your sales lead buyers journey. Your Lead magnet will attract potential customers to your site and convert them from casual visitors to excited new email subscribers, your lead magnet framework will convert them from cold sales leads into warm sales leads and your buyers journey will convert them into ideal buying clients.

To make this easily achievable – Element 1 has 3 focal steps:

  • AUDIT AND CUSTOMER JOURNEY – It’s important to make sure your website and social media platforms are all set up and ready to accommodate your new customised sales funnel. Your sales leads customer journey is an important framework for your sales funnel marketing strategy. The Growth Funnel Journey helps your sales leads get from Point A (‘I have a need’) to a justified purchasing decision Point B (‘This is the solution that will resolve my need’). Every part of your sales funnel is designed to influence the key emotional selling triggers that make up your ideal clients buying journey.

    Almost 80% of your sales leads buying journey is completed before they even reach out to purchase something. And this is why we create an evergreen lead magnet customer journey that adjusts to these current digital strategies and allow your sales funnel to cope with changing consumer practices.

  • THE TROJAN HOURSE LEAD MAGNET – Your Lead Magnet needs to be an irresistible ethical bribe or a free offer that delivers a very specific piece of content that your sales leads are searching for. You simply need to solve a specific problem with a specific solution for a specific segment of your market. As long as your Lead Magnet has a high perceived value, your sales leads will be happy to exchange their contact information to consume it.

    The reason why we call this a Trojan Horse Lead Magnet is because it has a tremendous amount of specific value concealed within it and your sales leads resonate with it’s content within minutes of opting-in and receiving it. And that’s because it delivers an ultra-specific solution to an ultra-specific problem and promises the end desired results that your sales leads are searching for. It builds trust, authority and long term relationships that change the state of your sales leads mindset, so they’re pre-framed to engage in future sales with your business. It uses professional graphics and imagery to establish real monetary value in the mind of your sales leads.

  • EVERGREEN LEAD MAGNET FRAMEWORK – Then as soon as you have captured your sales leads interest with the your story-telling method and left them wanting to find out more, it’s now time to show them that your product or service is the end desired result that they are searching for. This is where your evergreen lead magnet customer journey comes into play, allowing you to step your sales leads back in time to reveal how and why it will work for them.

    Part of having an evergreen lead magnet is that you get the opportunity to ensure it remains relevant, educational and interesting at all times to your sales leads. As you start to learn more about what content your sales leads are resonating the most with, you can add these into your evergreen lead magnet customer journey and make your story even more powerful.

Once you’ve achieved element 1, you are ready to create your content that converts your sales leads into ideal buying clients…

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Element 2 = Sales Marketing

This is where we create your Sales content that is highly accountable, data-driven and focused on generating more efficient and profitable sales. To do this effectively, the Growth Funnel Journey uses 2 specific signature system questionnaires that we use to interview you. We record your answers and use them to populate your entire sales funnel and marketing framework. MAking sure your content leverages the main emotional triggers that help influence your sales leads buying behaviours.

To make this easily achievable – Element 2 has 3 focal steps:

  • EMOTIONAL SALES TRIGGERS – We start with your first two conversion focal points of the Growth Funnel Journey because that is what your content is going to be focused on and who it will be aimed at. The whole Lead Magnet Journey and Sales Funnel will resonate with your One Thing messaging and it needs to speak the language of your Ideal Client.

    Your ‘One Thing’ is the essential element that will make everything fall into place, allowing you to present an all-inclusive custom solution to your Ideal Client’s needs. Versatility and adaptability are also what makes your One Thing unique.

  • SECTIONS AND TOPICS – We use our signature content creation system that provides a framework for managing time and maximising content creation. This content framework revolves around set of questions that help us to create your content faster, avoid making unnecessary mistakes and helping you to feel less overwhelmed when creating the scripts for your Social Media Posts, Blogs, Website Pages, Email Campaigns and of course your Lead Magnet and your Lead Magnet Customer Journey.

  • YOUR WHY – Then we focus on a series of emotional selling triggers that help to influence your sales leads buying behaviours – I call this your WHY messaging. By knowing what your sales leads emotional triggers are and positioning them within a custom built sales funnel structure, you can deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person, and solve the right problem, which makes it very clear that your product or service is going to be the only solution they need.

Once you’ve achieved element 2, you are ready to input your content into your custom built sales funnel…

Learn More About Element 2

Element 3 = Digital Sales & Marketing Funnel

These 3 steps are all about completing your sales funnel and launching. Your sales funnel will automate and perpetuate your sales process and transform your digital marketing into a Digital Sales and Marketing machine, that automates the conversion of cold sales leads into warm sales leads and then warm sales leads into into Ideal Buying Clients, generating predictable monthly revenue for your online digital business.

To make this easily achievable – Element 3 has 3 focal steps:

  • INFORMATION – When I talk about your information, I’m actually talking about integrating all of your content into your 174 social media posts, 102 emails, 42 blogs, 37 webpages, your Trojan Horse Lead Magnet eBook and your Evergreen Lead Magnet Customer Journey.

    By focusing on your information, you will be able to build a solid foundation that will get your content in front of the right audience, which frees up your time to be laser focused on attracting organic search traffic and your social media advertising.

    To make sure this happens and you convert your sales leads into ideal buying clients, we have created 12 critical conversion focal points. Each one of these conversion focal points play a critical role in the overall success of your sales funnel.

  • TRANSFORMATION – Step 2 is all about converting your sales leads into profitable sales and generating a Return On Your Marketing Investment.

    It’s time to get your warm sales leads implementing your product or service strategies. As soon as your sales leads convert over to Ideal Clients, you become the go to authority within your chosen field of expertise.

    Within step 2 we have created 8 specific conversion focal points that relate directly to your success. These points represent the main parts of the sales funnel that are required to convert a cold sales lead into an ideal client. Each one on its own is 100% responsible for the success of the whole funnel. Which means it’s critical that all conversion focal points are working at a 100% efficiency and are all working together in perfect harmony.

  • CONVERSATION – Your sales funnel needs to be an environment of dialogue, not monologue, so now is the perfect time to begin adding more conversations with your sales leads and ideal clients.

    And when I say conversations, I’m talking about giving your sales leads and ideal clients more of your personal time, experience and knowledge. This can be achieved by offering premium services like webinars or seminars that can fast track their end desired results.

Once you’ve achieved element 3, you are ready to dominate your chosen field of expertise…

Learn More About Element 3


  • SPECIFICITY – Every business needs to be attracting new sales leads, and the most efficient and effective way of doing this in today’s digital world is to have a Sales Lead Generation Campaign working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – allowing you to shift the balance away from old limiting risks and towards an asset that helps generate a consistent, predictable and profitable revenue flow.

  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Now that you have captured your sales leads attention through your social media marketing, made it past their deletion program, got them to click through to learn more about your product or service – you now need them to provide you with their contact details, so you can have the opportunity to either filter them out if they are a tyre kicker or convert them into a sale if they are an ideal client.

  • YOUR ONE THING PROMISE – Your promise should be big because small promises don’t get noticed. So pick a really big problem, agitate that problem and then future pace them to the desired outcome they are searching for. A better version of the situation they are in now.

  • CONTENT THAT CONVERTS – This is where you create your content into a format that simulates the exact same way it would if you would discuss your product or solution to a new client who was sitting in front of you.

    You want to answer the question that you are always asked by new clients and existing clients. Then you answer them through your Lead Magnet customer journey content in such a way that it gets attention and facilitates a sales conversation.

  • CALL TO ACTION – Not everyone is going to consume your content straight away. Some of your sales leads will get distracted and some will end up forgetting about you all together. So If you drop the ball here then you would have wasted a ton of time, a ton of effort and a ton of money…

    But when you get this right, if you follow through and push for the sale then you will have a well oiled lean mean lead generation machine, running on autopilot that consistently generates and builds relationships with new business sales leads ready for you to convert with your product or services.

  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK & LINKEDIN GROUPS – Our exclusive private Facebook Group is a community of like minded business owners. A great place to ask questions or to connect and inspire each other. I can’t wait to see you in there.

Let’s face it: There’s a lot of companies offering the perfect Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel solutions. You only need to search on Google to find an endless amount of companies offering an endless amount of solutions to the same problem.

So how do you separate the ones who Walk the Walk from the ones who merely Talk the Talk?

That’s always the big challenge! And that’s why Fresnel Evergreen walks the walk.

We build our own Lead Magnets and Sales Funnels for our own business. Which is why we have simplified the entire process into a system. And the best part is, if we discover a tweak to increase conversions, your Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel gets to benefit from it as well.

In Other Words: We know how hard it is to convert cold sales leads into ideal buying clients, because we are trying every single day. And we are experiencing how fast the online digital world is changing. Which is why we made our customer journey evergreen – so we can add to it and keep up with your customers wants and needs.

In short, let’s walk the walk together! And that’s why we created The Growth Funnel Journey and your free Introduction Course.

We built this Introduction Course simply to get you ready for booking the Audit and Mapping session call. We know you don’t have time to waste, so watch the videos, write down your questions and let’s just work out how to get you more sales leads to convert into more profitable sales.

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