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The Right Time

The right time is that perfect moment, that we all try to achieve, when you attract the right sales lead, deliver the right content, deliver the right product or service and your sales lead is at the right time of their budgetary spend cycle.

It’s when everything aligns and you attract a sales lead just as they are thinking about doing something about their pain state (Point A.)

It’s the answer to a sales leads question as they search online and it’s the perfect timing when they ready to pay for the solution they need (Point B.)

If you want to sell your product or service, then your Lead Magnet needs to deliver your One Thing content in that moment where your sales lead feels as if you’re reading their mind.

When you do this at the right time, it’s the art of selling without selling. Nothing feels more perfect and nothing feels so effortless. You want all of your sales leads moving along every stage of the growth funnel journey feeling this way. Our goal is to help customise a lead magnet and sales funnel that achieves this objective and converts your sales leads into Ideal Buying Clients.

This is why the Growth Funnel Journey provides a purposeful content strategy

When you guide sales leads along a purposefully-crafted sales funnel journey, you will always be delivering the right message at the right time. This is something you can improve based on the feedback you get when you talk to your sales leads on your webinars or within your strategy calls.

You’ll always be learning and adjusting Step 1 and Step 2 within Element 3. Your sales funnel content will take time to reach perfection, and that’s mainly down to the fact that it takes time to properly get to know your ideal clients emotional selling triggers. It is the same for any relationship. The more time you spend together the faster you get to know each other, the faster things progress. The Growth Funnel Journey provides the perfect structure to get to know your sales leads and ideal clients. This also means your One Thing product or service sales funnel doesn’t have to be perfect before launching. We have called it evergreen for a reason!

You can keep changing it as you start seeing what type of content your sales leads are resonating with. The more you learn about your One Thing content and who your ideal clients are, the more you might find yourself going back and making important changes that will ultimately increase your conversions.

The growth funnel journey has 28 Conversion Focal Points to keep you focused on each step of the path, to make sure you are always providing your One Thing content at the right time of your ideal clients individual journeys.

The Right Sales Leads and the Right Ideal Clients

If you think about your social media advertising for a moment, your ads will reach thousands of potential sales leads who could become your Ideal Clients. This can feel a bit daunting, having to try and attract so many sales leads and trying to somehow capture their attention for a split second to get them to take action and click on your advert. But in reality you are only trying to attract a small amount of sales leads who are in need of your product or service. That means you need to be very specific. It’s an oxymoron – The fewer sales leads you try to attract the more sales leads you will convert into Ideal Clients.

There are more sales leads out there in the world than there are ideal clients. This is why the Growth Funnel Journey is designed to eliminate the majority of time wasters and narrow down to find your ideal sales lead who has a higher chance of becoming your ideal buying client.

So instead of thinking about having to attract thousands of sales leads and how is it going to be possible, you simply need to think about attracting ideal clients. When you talk with someone, in the back of your mind, you need to be answering that question, is this person one of my ideal client? If not, go away and if so, opt in here!

Which means it’s all about specificity. The more specific your One Thing content is, the more specific the sales lead will be that you attract. Your competitors are trying to reach everyone and as a result, end up reaching no one. The right sales leads are the people who feel like you’re reading their mind. For that to be possible, you have to be specific. You have to narrow your focus and One Thing messaging to a macro pinpoint level.

The Growth Funnel Journey makes your One Thing product or service the obvious solution and the only solution

It even eliminates the need to compete with anyone. Your journey is so unique and so specific that it transforms your cold sales leads into warm sales leads and then into an ideal buying client.

The journey naturally positions you as an expert in your One Thing niche and allows you to organically dominate. Competitors won’t even be able to copy your success because they will be so far behind by the time they realise you have taken top position.

They will never be able to replicate your success because they will never have a Growth Funnel Journey.

Your One Thing product or service needs to be the obvious logical solution to your sales leads, not just another solution. It needs to be a no-brainer option and you need to be the go-to person in your niche.

That means every piece of content you create, everything you talk about, everything you focus on, and all that you do is related to your one thing product or service.

  • trojan horse lead magnet

Over time the more content you create, the easier it becomes for sales leads to find you

As soon as a sales lead searches on the internet in regards to your one thing product or service solution, they will notice how serious you are about what you are offering. Therefore it’s important that everything you create is always aligned with your One Thing product or service and never undermines your credibility. Also everything you create needs to point them towards your Lead Magnet. That way as you attract organic traffic you know that if they resonate with your One Thing product or service and follow your call to action, they will become a qualified sales lead.

Once sales leads associate you with your One Thing product or service and see your social media advertising they will immediately click to learn more and then sign up to your Lead Magnet. From that point on your sales leads will always associate your One Thing product or service with you.

To be the obvious solution, you have to dominate your niche. When sales leads associate a niche with you, you’ve won. If your sales leads and ideal clients think about you without you even being there. You’ve won.

In order for this to happen, your Growth Funnel Journey must have extreme clarity and specificity. Your association to your One Thing is your asset. It’s how you become the obvious solution. You can only do this by narrowing your focus. If you want your one thing product or service to be seen as the obvious solution, you must have extreme focus to dominate your market. If you commit to your One Thing product or service for long enough you will truly dominate it. Once you dominate your one thing product or service your companies organic growth will also naturally speed up as a result.

Your Growth Funnel Journey ideal clients do not actually buy a product! Instead they buy a solution

When it comes to buying your product or service, your sales leads needs to be aware that they are not buying a product but rather a way of achieving the end desired result (Point B) that will help them to achieve the outcome that compliments their own solution. Similar to a map, you are providing them with a journey, a path that will help them move away from their current pain state (Point A) to a desired gain state (Point B) that they want to achieve.

To create a desired gain state you need to future pace your sales lead. This means creating content that paints the perfect picture of their end desired result (Point B.) An easy way to do this is to promote the features and benefits of your one thing product or service with a Lead Magnet and a Growth Funnel Journey.



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