Step 1 of Element 3 is all about focusing on your information and just keeping it simple. You have created all of your information within Element 2, which means all you need to do now is put it into your sales funnel framework and get it out into the world.

When I talk about your information, I’m actually talking about integrating all of your content into your 174 social media posts, 102 emails, 42 blogs, 37 webpages, your Trojan Horse Lead Magnet eBook and your Evergreen Lead Magnet Customer Journey.

By focusing on your information, you will be able to build a solid foundation that will get your content in front of the right audience, which frees up your time to be laser focused on attracting organic search traffic and your social media advertising.

Now that your content is laser focused on the ONE THING problem or topic at the forefront of your sales leads mind, you will only attract ideal clients and filter out the tyre kickers. This allows you to fill your sales funnel with sales leads who are searching for the solution that’s going to help them achieve their end desired result. And that solution is going to be your product or service.

To make sure this happens and you convert your sales leads into ideal buying clients, we have created 12 critical conversion focal points. Each one of these conversion focal points play a critical role in the overall success of your sales funnel.

We also include a Funnel Tracker system that makes it faster and easier to track each conversion point as your sales leads pass through them. Allowing you to make any necessary changes if needed, to avoid any bottlenecks and make sure you are converting at your highest percentages.

Creation = One Thing

  1. Your content CREATION – which needs to be focused on your ONE THING messaging.  

At this initial stage – you need to keep it simple. You need to be seen as an authority in just One Thing, instantly making you the go to person within that One Thing niche. Otherwise you risk diluting your message and attracting no one.

So for now, you need to know exactly who your ideal client is, so you can use the same words they would use to describe their own pain state and gain state. Then you know who you’re targeting, and how to capture their attention with your One Thing messaging.

Once you’ve caught their attention the trick is to offer the right solution to the right problem at the right time.


Attraction = Sales Leads

  1. Attraction – You need to make sure you’re attracting sales leads that convert into ideal clients.

The sooner you do this the faster you prove to yourself that your One Thing messaging is attracting the right sales leads. Bottom line – you need to get the proof that there are ideal clients out there searching for your One Thing solution and willing to become a Sales Lead.

You should never make an educated guess about your product or service when you first take it online. It’s basic economics. The most successful businesses are those who offer solutions where there is already demand. Without the demand, there are no sales. You are about to leverage a 1 to many online digital business, therefore you can’t afford to spend countless hours creating content, designing websites, setting up email autoresponder strategies and spending money on social media advertising – without even knowing if there are sales leads will to provide you with their email address!

This is WHY we have separated the 3 steps and only sell Step 1 to our clients. It makes it affordable and faster to implement. Sales lead generation and online sales, are always a challenge for any business, especially within our current digital world where the noise levels are rapidly increasing by the day.

We only move onto Step 2 once we have the PROOF that your Growth Funnel Journey is converting.

Once your sales leads start clicking on your social media advertising, signing up to get your Lead Magnet, opening your Emails, consuming your Lead Magnet Journey information and then wanting more – only then will you have gained the clarity and insight to know you’ve validated your One Thing messaging and have the proof to move forward into Step 2.

Filtering = Ideal Clients

  1. Filtering – The goal here is to convert as many sales leads over to ideal clients as possible – the higher your conversion – the more money you will make.

And the only way that is achievable – is to filter out the majority of time wasters and tyre kickers – what’s the point of having an email list of 10,000 prospects if none of them are ever going to buy from you – you’re much better off having an email list of warm sales leads that are following you because they want to buy your One Thing product or service.

Once you’ve achieve all 3 elements, you have completed Step 1 and are now ready to move onto step 2…


Think of your sales funnel as a chain – it’s only going to be as strong as its weakest link. Which means each link of your growth funnel journey chain is a main conversion focal points. And each one needs to be monitored and maintained so its performing at its maximum strength.

Your conversion focal points are directly related to your business success, so the more you take control of each one – the greater your chances are of succeeding.

These 12 conversion focal points allow you to shift the balance away from old limiting risks and towards a leveraged 1 to many sales lead asset which generates a consistent, predictable and profitable revenue flow.

Let’s have a closer look at these 12 critical conversion focal points with Step 1:


Your ‘Whydentity’, your ‘Passion’, your ‘Purpose’, your ‘Vision’, your ‘Mission’, your ‘Values’ and your ‘One Thing Demand’ will ultimately make your business successful. This is why it is critical to spend time building your foundational content even before starting to build your sales funnel. Because without your overall knowledge and understanding of your content, you will not be able to fuel the Growth Funnel Journey.

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

So you need to be confident that you are talking to the right sales lead, and saying the right message, solving the right problem, so they understand that your product or service is the only solution. It’s critical to your overall success, that you get these two conversion focal points 100% accurate, because your entire sales funnel will depend on it.


You have already heard me mentioning your One Thing and that’s because you can only be a specialist in One Thing. If you try to master many things, your future clients will be confused and you will end up mastering nothing. No matter how complicated or how many different aspects there are to your product or service, it doesn’t matter at this early stage. All that matters at that stage is to have one title, one subject name, that immediately allows someone to know exactly what you do in as few words as possible.


It’s critical that you know everything about your ideal client so you can show you understand their pain state. You need to resonate with their thinking and make it crystal clear that your One Thing product or service will help them achieve their end desired gain state. By showing your ideal client that you understand their pain state (Point A) and want to help them achieve their desired gain state, (Point B,) you will be able to build their trust and start to develop authority.

This is why it’s important to monitor your Key Performance Indicators so you get instant feedback on whether you’re meeting or exceeding your target objectives:

  • Choose your One Thing demand

  • Choose your Ideal Client

  • Align to your company whydentity and vision

  • Align to your company passion and purpose

  • Apply customer feedback


If you want to convert cold traffic into sales leads without increasing your ad spend, then you had better make sure you understand your ideal clients problem.

You need to help your sales leads navigate a problem, implement a strategy, or provide them with a useful tool or resource that delivers the solution they are searching for. You must solve a specific problem with a specific solution for a specific segment of your market.

One way to get your sales leads attention is to let them know that you know about their problem and you want to help them to solve it. You can fix these problems by using specificity, urgency, sending your emails at the right time, using an attractive title, addressing your audience problems, etc.


Now that you have attracted your ideal client and they have clicked on your ad to learn more about your Lead Magnet, you now need to convince them to provide you with their email address. This is done via your Opt-In page. This landing page will use an eBook image of your Lead Magnet, 2 main headings and 3 key features and benefits of your One Thing product or service.


The Growth Funnel Journey creates a Trojan Horse Lead Magnet. This is an evergreen lead magnet that provides a content upgrade journey. It offers immediate value to your sales leads, envoces repeated usage, and is regularly updated to ensure it’s the most up-to-date resource it can be.

It’s no secret that the more your sales leads interact with your lead magnet, the more likely they are to becoming an ideal client. And the more likely they are to becoming an ideal client, the more likely they are to become a repeat client in step 2 and Step 3.

Make no mistake about it, lead magnets are NOT going away.

And nor should they: when done right they’re an extremely valuable asset for your business and your sales leads.

But your sales leads aren’t as susceptible as they once were. No longer can you get away with quickly throwing something together in the hope of acquiring an email address.

If you want to get noticed in today’s noisy online world, you need to go above and beyond what your competitors are doing.

This is why it’s important to monitor your Key Performance Indicators so you get instant feedback on whether you’re meeting or exceeding your target objectives:

  • Measure your One Thing demand

  • Measure your Ideal Client

  • Measure your conversion

  • Measure consumption

  • Apply customer feedback


Before you can expect to ask your sales leads to purchase your product or service, you must first earn the right to ask for the sale.

You earn the right by delivering your lead magnet content, delivering on your one thing promise and by following up with emails, webinars and strategy calls that answer all of your sales leads questions. You earn the right by always being prepared, eager and available to educate and add value to your sales leads. Focus each webinar or strategy call on how you can help your sales leads instead of what you can get from your sales leads, and you will eventually earn the right to ask for the sale.

This is your opportunity to show your sales leads why you are the expert and provide testimonials that prove you can deliver.


Now that you have your sales lead email address, you need to start building your relationship with them by delivering an email automation that delivers huge value and helps turn them into a warm sales lead. First you deliver your lead magnet content with every email and slowly transition across to your lead magnet journey content, persuading them to learn more and achieve the transformation required to solving the problem they are searching for a solution to. You will also invite them to your live webinars so you can start building your relationships, trust and authority.


Human nature tends to make us feel uncomfortable when someone just keeps on giving us something and wants nothing in return. It almost feels uncomfortable and eventually you end up trying to give something back as a way of saying thank you and showing your appreciation for all that they have done for you.

So your lead magnet journey allows you to give away huge value and ask for nothing in return. It allows you to provide a simplified version of some of your best transformational content. Your sales leads start to learn the ‘WHY’ to use your product or service, some of the ‘WHAT’ to do with your product or service but none of the ‘HOW’ to do it.

If they want to learn the ‘HOW’ to do it, they will need to jump on a live webinar, book a strategy call or simply pick up the phone and call you to purchase.

This is why it’s important to monitor your Key Performance Indicators so you get instant feedback on whether you’re meeting or exceeding your target objectives:

  • Segment action takers

  • Measure consumption

  • Measure email open rates and clickthrough rates

  • Measure video watch time

  • Measure page views


Whatever line of business you’re in, you always need to be selling. Whether you’re trying to get your sales leads to buy your product or service, your success will be dictated by your ability to educate, influence, persuade and “close the sale”.

And storytelling is arguably the most powerful tool in your selling toolbox.

It gives meaning to your product or service that is otherwise impersonal. It differentiates your product or service offering from your competitors’ and makes it more memorable. It builds relationships and inspires your sales leads to make decisions beyond pure logical calculation. Knowing when and how to tell stories is a powerful skill that will immediately boost your effectiveness in selling anything.

In a nutshell, a killer story is full of visual and sense-based detail and moves in real time. I like to call it “making a movie with words.” It engages your sales leads in a special way.


Now that you have a clear One Thing focus that will only attract your ideal clients, you need to decide on your One Thing product or service heading, content message and image that will only attract your ideal clients and get them to click on your adverts to learn more.

Your adverts need to create a pattern interrupt that softly agitates their pain (Point A) and provides a fast and easy solution (Point B) that peaks their curiosity. And of course, the solution will be within your Lead Magnet.


It takes time to create your content, therefore the Growth Funnel Journey maximises the impact and reach of every piece of content you create with a simple content repurposing workflow. It’s easy when you have repurposing in mind from the very beginning of your content marketing workflow.

Rather than adding yet another brand-new piece of content into your sales funnel, instead you give it more impact by repurposing it. Repurposing, in this case, means rethinking your content so it will reach more sales leads in a variety of places using a wide-range of content formats.

After all, we’re not ALL readers, or ALL podcast listeners, or ALL video watchers. When you serve up your content in lots of different formats, you reach people where they are. If you are tight on time, plan to focus on repurposing your content on the one platform where you’ve already gathered an audience. If the content takes off, you can expand to other media types and platforms.

This is why it’s important to monitor your Key Performance Indicators so you get instant feedback on whether you’re meeting or exceeding your target objectives:

  • Social Media profile

  • Social Media advertising

  • Social Media publishing

  • Measure call to action

  • Measure Return On Investment


Once you’ve convinced your sales leads to continue consuming your product or service content as they move along your sales funnel, your next logical step needs to show them how you can help them. They are aware that you understand the common challenges that they are facing, and they have a good idea that your product or service can solve them.

It’s now your turn to prove to them that your product or service can help fix these challenge. By tackling the challenges head on, your sales leads will see that you have taken their needs into account and found the fix.

Tell your story of your brand and the success of your products and services and back it up with facts and statistics. Work hard to engage your sales leads and you’re sure to find a winning formula to generate consistent, predictable and profitable sales.


This is one of your most highest revenue converting activities, so the more calls you have booked in, the greater your chances are of selling your one thing product or services and making a return on your investment within Step 1.

This is the perfect opportunity for any action takers who enter into your sales funnel to purchase immediately. They will already be pre-sold by your lead magnet journey content, and ready to discuss solutions and timelines to start working with you right now. They will also be expecting to discuss payments.


So this is where your One Thing product or service Sales Page comes into play. Even though all of your content is free and designed to build trust and authority. It all has a specific call to action as well. For the action takers it’s all about getting on your strategy session call so they can purchase your one thing product or service. For your remaining sales leads, it’s all about getting them over to your sales page so they can find out what paid products or services you are offering.

At the end of the day, you are spending money on your social media activity, therefore the sooner you get a return on your investment the sooner you can jump over to Step 2 and really start leveraging your business.

This is also a very important conversion focal point, because as soon as you start converting your sales leads into ideal buying clients, you have the proof that all of your conversion focal points are on point and doing exactly what they were designed to do.

This is why it’s important to monitor your Key Performance Indicators so you get instant feedback on whether you’re meeting or exceeding your target objectives:

  • Measure call to action

  • Measure return on investment

  • Result driven testimonials

  • Ask for customer feedback

  • Proof of concept


Your website should have a call to action, a response you want your sales leads to complete. However, getting a sales lead to complete a call to action is more complicated than one would first think. There are many factors at play that need to be considered.

Your call to action is within every aspect of your business from opening an email, clicking on links, consuming your content, contacting you and purchasing. It requires a deep understanding of your sales leads behaviour and psychology, as well as a relentless focus on testing.

To begin with, users do not tend to go from zero to clicking a call to action in a single step. On average it often happens over an extended period and involves many logical steps through your sales funnel. Understanding where your sales lead is on their buyers journey is crucial to the success of your call to actions.

Even once your sales leads have purchased your products or services, there is still a danger that they might ask for a refund. Therefore the Growth Funnel Journey continues to deliver calls to action to reduce the likelihood of this happening by continuing to communicate on a regular basis. This continued communication provides a positive reinforcement, but more importantly, it provides a sense of control.

Making a purchase can sometimes cause a client to feel anxious. Especially if there is a delay in the delivery of your product or service, therefore we create this sense of control by providing your new ideal clients with information about what is going on and what to do next. By providing this information, they feel a sense of control as they continue the journey towards their end desired solution.


Your “bridge webinar” will help you to build an even stronger connection with your sales leads and turn them into ideal clients. Even though you are building your trust, authority and relationships with them via your emails and lead magnet journey, it’s time to give them even more value and content. You do this by offering live webinar training that supports your product or service content and is designed to generate feedback through the use of quizzes and answering sales leads questions.

Their feedback will be priceless and it will empower you to create content that gets them purchasing from you faster. You can do anything at this stage because you have earned their trust and built your authority.

The bridge webinars utilise an investigative development approach, that uses questions to study and solve your sales leads problems along the way. When this process of measuring and learning is done correctly, it will be clear that your One Thing demand, Ideal Client focus, Opt-In Landing Page, Lead Magnet content, Email Marketing, Lead Magnet Journey, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Publishing and Strategy Calls are either successful or not.

If not, it is a sign that it is time to make a structured course correction and start split testing your conversion focal points. This is not a failure but rather a second phase of learning. It may take many phases before you get it right, so do not try to hit the ball out of the park on your first swing.


Which brings us onto the last conversion focal point, your community. Now that you are building a list of warm sales leads who have proven to you that they are all interested in your one thing product or service, it’s important to make sure that you continue the momentum of learning and building trust and authority. The best way to fo this is to provide your warm sales leads with their next logical step and get them to join your community. 

So you need to invite them into your Facebook community of like minded people where you can start to build accountability and implementation, so they continue to consume your One Thing content and start to take action and experience results.

This is why it’s important to monitor your Key Performance Indicators so you get instant feedback on whether you’re meeting or exceeding your target objectives:

  • Measure call to action

  • Measure return on investment

  • Build your community

  • Trust, authority and relationships

  • Leader, influencer, coach



If you know that your business will benefit from a Social Media Marketing, Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel, then book this 60 minute call and we will discuss your Social Media, Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel strategy. You can then decide if this will work for your business. We will not use this call to try and sell you something – this will be an Audit and Mapping call.

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